After getting an awesome dose of Metalhead just two weeks ago, the Turtles are back for another action-packed issue. Is it good?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #35 (IDW Publishing)


The story begins with Raphael and Mikey debating the merits of teaming up with Hobbes. For once, I’m in Raph’s corner on this one; the guy is a total psychopath and shouldn’t be trusted.

Never trust a cat with an eye patch…or any cat, for that matter.

Meanwhile, Casey goes to visit his mother’s grave. While relives a touching moment from their time together, his evil douchebag of a father (aka Hun) shows up with a few friends. He knew Casey would be there to think about their previous confrontation, so he figured it would be the perfect chance to beat the crap out of his son.

Casey puts up a hell of a fight, but not nearly enough to keep from getting a severe beat down. But just it looks like can’t hold his own anymore, a very cool surprise (that was set up in the last issue) turns the tide a bit.

Back on the mutant side of things, Raph and Mikey discover that Hobbes has taken a former Stockgen scientist hostage…and created a mutation of one of the most hilariously annoying creatures imaginable.

Hobbes explains that he wants to create a mutant army, but lacks the skills necessary to do it. He does, however, have a little something from a few issues ago (yet another cool plot tie-in) that the kidnapped scientist could use to help him.

Surprisingly, the scientist seems to be okay with all of this (and even feels a little guilty about the harm she may have caused to the mutants in care). But before Raph can talk them out of any sort of scientific shenanigans, Slash takes the item from Hobbes and injects himself with it. The results are surprising…and potentially wonderful or terrifying.

There’s also a very creepy cliffhanger involving Leo and Splinter which may ending up serving as the introduction for another really great character.

Is it Good?

IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle run continues to hit all the marks. The art in this arc by Manteus Santolouco is gorgeous as expected, but Waltz’s script truly shines.

The story ties in old plot lines while hooking the reader with great new questions. There’s also a very well balanced mix of action (which is particularly brutal this time around) along with some powerful dialogue between characters that have organically developed severe conflicts with each other.

Add in some wonderful “inside jokes” for hardcore shellheads, and you have yet another gem of an issue in what is turning out to be a legendary run for the franchise.

Is It Good? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #35 Review
Top notch artwork by Santolouco once again.Waltz script perfectly balances humor, action, emotional impact, and dread to make for one gem of an issueGreat ties in to older plot lines are leading to new and exciting questions.
The high quality of the comic makes the potential let down from the upcoming movie even more severe.
10Overall Score
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