When it comes to living in today’s society we all have to admit the 24 hour news cycle has changed everything. Even if you don’t watch it affects you, either because someone you know is bitching about a pundit or because the information you do get is coming from that source. Which is why I loved the first two issues of V-Wars, because it hammered home a very realistic portrayal of the news if vampires did suddenly hit the scene. It’s been so good I’m not sure it would be sustainable, so how is issue #3? Is it good?

V-Wars #3 (IDW Publishing)

If you’re just joining us, vampires have risen up due to a recessive gene that’s turned some folks into vampires. Now there are two factions, those who think vampires should rule, and those who think vampires should coexist with humanity. Needless to say, the government is none to happy about the uprisers, especially since a high level official was killed a few issues back. Now there’s an all out war, and our two protagonists, a female journalist and a male journalist, are on the scene. The first two issues followed the female news anchor, and now we’re privy to the male who we don’t know all so well.

This issue changes gears a bit, focusing on an entirely new character named Taurus Harper, a soldier who is a hero. A living legend even, because he’s so damn good at taking out vampires. His story is woven together with the male journalist who’s following him. I can’t say I enjoyed the read though, largely because it’s a bit long and slow. We get to know this soldier, but you never learn why you should care. That is, until the final page, but by then it’s too late.

What a way to go, with a dumb look on your face.

Which is a major reason why I disliked this issue over the last two. It focuses on a new character without that news-centric focus. It’s not relatable, as it’s just focusing on some dude, and the major reason the first two worked so well, that the news angle makes the vampire uprising that much more feasible, is gone.

The art by Alan Robinson is once again very strong. The narrative is a bit too heavy for his work, but it sustains itself nicely in the face of such verbiage. It’s the strongest aspect to this issue frankly, as it keeps you turning the pages despite the story being too convoluted.

Shock sucks.

Is It Good?

A bit of a downer that this issue has to spend so much time setting up a plot point for all its pages. It loses its purpose in doing so which makes this read rather boring.

Is It Good? V-Wars #3 Review
Art is once again exceptionalTwist ending is worth seeing
A bit boringChanging gears hurts the narrative
5.5Overall Score
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