In last month’s issue, the inherent danger of being Jack’s girlfriend was fully revealed. This chapter of the story turns the screws a bit while sprinkling in plenty of action along with some family strife. Is it good?

24: Underground #3 (IDW Publishing)


The issue begins with Jack discovering that Sofiya has been taken hostage. After screaming one of his signature “DAMN IT”s he informs Sofiya’s family of the bad news. As you might imagine, they don’t take it very well. They also press Jack about whether or not he really is a secret agent man…which is pretty much confirmed after he takes them to a well-stocked safe house.

“…and tell your sister-in-law to shut up about my driving!”

Jack refuses to answer, but does promise to keep Sofiya safe. In one of the series’ better moments, Sofiya’s sister-in-law calls him out on making a B.S promise he can’t keep.

Meanwhile, the government agents tracking Jack have finally started to come across enough evidence to convince them that he may not be a meth-dealing hit man.

The issue ends with a nice set of cliff-hanger on all fronts.

Is It Good?

Confession Time: I am not really enjoying 24: Live Another Day. I know that puts me in the critical minority, but something about it just isn’t clicking. Perhaps it’s because the plot points all feel so familiar after seeing them for eight seasons.

That might be why this comic series feels a tad flat to me, but to Ed Brisson and Michael Gaydos’ credit, they are doing some fine work regardless. Despite the fact that we all know the CIA won’t capture Bauer (due to this being a prequel series), Brisson still manages to ratchet the suspense up to a level that makes you want to keep turning the page to see what will happen next. His dialogue for Bauer is also spot-on.

Gaydos’ pencils continue to be impressive, although at times the shadowy settings makes a few panels feel disjointed. It all adds up to a by the numbers 24 story that is still pretty enjoyable.

Is It Good? 24: Underground #3 Review
Bauer's dialogue is spot on.Gaydos' pencils are still great.
The series feel like a by the numbers 24 story. It's still well done, but very familiar.Some of the shadowy pencils make Gaydos' pencils look a bit disjointed.
7.5Overall Score
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