The All-New Ghost Rider is Latino, living in L.A. and has a handicapped brother to take care of — oh and he’s cooler than ever.

But the series hasn’t been perfect. All-New Ghost Rider #4: is it good?

All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) #4 (Marvel Comics)

Last month a gangster took a whole lot of pills and became a giant monster. Ghost Rider has to fight the guy and, oh yah, he doesn’t have any experience fighting at all. The kid who’s harbored the power of Ghost Rider was recently killed due to the drug that this gangster is souped up on and he, and the spirit of Ghost Rider, want revenge.

This issue opens with our protagonist shaving his head the morning following the big brawl of the last issue. But wait a minute, that fight sequence never ended, how do we know how it’ll play out? It appears writer and artist Tradd Moore wants us to know he made it out okay, because it then cuts to where we left off in the fight sequence. The battle plays out and the rest of the issue follows along with the plot and how it thickens. A new schoolmate appears to be lining up to be a new pain in our protagonists ass and the behemoth of a bad guy has his own worries. Essentially we get an interesting opening salvo and the remaining issue is set up for the conclusion next month.

Moore’s art keeps things fluid and interesting even with these exposition heavy moments. There is a scene between the protagonist and his teacher, which seems to be making a statement about after school programs that are good and bad, but that element is a bit lost with the bombastic scientist bad guy paying kids to work for him. The heroes journey is interesting to read though, mostly because it’s obvious just donning the Ghost Rider spirit isn’t enough to be the badass hero we all know and love.

That’s a funny reaction shot.

As always the art is sharp and very unique. There are moments where the characters are so unreal and curved you’d swear they came out of an anime or manga, but the oddities are lessened in this issue. Gone are the extremely curved five-foot long arms and twisted faces.

That Ghost Rider narration in the bottom right is quite creepy.

Is It Good?

The action sequence and surprising way to open this issue saves it from being a bridge issue and nothing more. That said, the exposition is heavy and slogs things down considerably.

Is It Good? All-New Ghost Rider #4 Review
Art is strong with less goofiness than issues pastSurprising opening
Lots and lots of exposition
6.5Overall Score
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