Peter Parker is back, and now he has to spend an exorbitant amount of time fixing what Doc Ock messed up when he took over his body. That’ll happen after 30 plus issues, but that spells a lot of chores to watch. How’s the drama and is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man (2014-) #3 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue Peter Parker decided to put Parker Industries to good use and turn all its attention on doing good for the city. That means developing a super villain prison that works and developing a tracker to find Electro. He also wants to cure the poor guy; I say ‘poor guy’ because he was tortured by Doc Ock Spidey a few months back. Now he’s snivelling, his powers are out of control and he wants the pain to end. Oh, and he blames it all on Spidey. This is a brewing issue that will assuredly come back to bite Spidey later. On top of that, Black Cat is coming out of the woodwork after serving time in jail. She was put there by, you guessed it, Doc Ock Spidey, and she wants her revenge too. And so, this issue progresses those storylines.

Dan Slott writes the script for this one and it’s obvious from the get go. If you’ve read any of his Spidey books you’ll know he loves to have a ton of balls in the air and the ability to cut away from the main action to progress time. This issue cuts between Black Cat, Peter in the lab, J.J. Jameson, Electro and finally a climax at a burning building. Sometimes this balance doesn’t quite work, while at other times it keeps the pace and tension on high. This issue is more of the latter as there isn’t much in the way of boring or exposition heavy moments.

We also check in with Silk, who’s been caged up in a room for years so it seems, and find out Ezekiel is involved.

Poor guy.

The art by Humberto Ramos is high quality. The man must love Spidey because he draws him so well. There are moments things get a little claustrophobic, but that’s typical of his style. And to say he draws a woman’s hips well is an understatement. I could only find two panels that were odd: one where Peter’s nose is pigish and another where J.J. has googly eyes.

Love how he talks…but is he back?!

Is It Good?

This is a strong issue from Slott and Ramos as it keeps the tension up, progresses the plot nicely and even gives us some great humorous moments. A top notch Spidey book to say the least.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #3 Review
Well paced and lots of plots developed!Looks great, especially those hips
Two odd looking panels
9Overall Score
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