Honestly, Super Secret Crisis War! was one of my most anticipated comics for June. A story where many of the cartoon characters from Cartoon Network were teaming up with each other to face down some of the more diabolical villains from those shows. This sounded amazing and possibly a great trip down memory lane for myself and many others like me. Is it good?

Super Secret Crisis War! #1 (IDW Publishing)

In some other dimension, four villains from different universes have come together: Aku from Samurai Jack, Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory, Vilgax from Ben 10, and Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls. They want to conquer the universes and also show up their mortal enemies and they have just the plan to do so. Will our heroes succeed?

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This was a decent start to this big event. It has a good setup for why everything is happening, the villains are competent for the most part, and there’s good sense of urgency that makes you wonder what’ll happen next or how our heroes will get out of this. The writing is all competent for sure, but that’s not the big draw or most important thing here obviously.

What’s most important is how good of an adaption or how good it is at capturing all of these characters, their personalities, and their world. Admittedly, I’m not or was never that big into shows like Ben 10 or Samurai Jack, so I cannot really attest to how accurate or well the characters are portrayed here. As far as Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls go though, the writer does a good job at capturing their spirits and characters. No one feels out of character and they talk and act like they usually do given the circumstances. There are a few minor nitpicks and things that leave me wondering as a fan, like why exactly is Mandark with these villains since he was mostly just about one-upping Dexter rather than taking over things, but that’s pretty much it. It might not be for people who aren’t fans or know much about any of these shows, but those who do will appreciate this.

There’s also a bit of missed opportunity with this comic as well. Throughout the course of this six issue event, there will be special one-shots focusing on other shows from the Cartoon Network. They included shows like Johnny Bravo, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Codename: Kids Next Door, and more. That’s great and I’m excited about that stuff, but what about other shows that might fit in better like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Time Squad for these one-shots? I get Adventure Time not getting in on this (Boom! has that license), but I’m a tad disappointed. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that the villain alliance didn’t have other big villains from these shows in them like Father from KND or Katz from Courage since they would have been neat to have them in there. This all nitpicky stuff of course, but I do think there is some legitimate missed opportunity with this event.

With the artwork, it does a great job at capturing the art style and look of all the shows (not one hundred percent, but it does work). There are many different styles on display here and they all blend together well. Heck, it even has variations in the coloring for different characters from different shows. Outside of that, it looks and works fine overall outside of some occasional very small text that’s hard to read.

Is It Good?

Super Secret Crisis War! #1 is a solid start for this new event and great crossover for all of the fans of these shows. It’s very accurate with capturing the feel, tone, and personality of these shows and characters, plus it delivers an enjoyable crossover with some good writing. Maybe not for everyone, but for the right audience, this is definitely worth their time and money.

Is It Good? Super Secret Crisis War! #1 Review
A very fun and enjoyable setup for this massive crossover.Great for fans of these shows.Artwork is visually appealing and does great at capturing the look of each show.
Not for non-fans of these shows.Some nitpicks here and there.There’s some missed opportunity here.
8Overall Score
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