The Watcher is dead. Or at the very least, dead until this story wraps up because really, does anyone die in comics today? Last month there was a huge reveal that Nick Fury has been holed up in a space station for years and it’s been his robots that we’ve seen. Spooky! This issue focuses on Nick and what he’s been up to in the last 50 or so years…is it good?

Original Sin #5 (Marvel Comics)

If you’re hoping for anyone popping up outside Nick Fury you have come to the wrong place. Aside from the last two pages, the entire issue is narrated by Nick as he explains what he’s been doing, which includes getting a ton of alienware given to him by Howard Stark, assassinating aliens who pose a threat to Earth on his off days from the CIA and pretty much just being a badass. Generally speaking, this revisionist hisstory doesn’t stray too far from what we’ve always assumed Nick did. We already knew the guy would do offhanded, off the grid stuff to keep the Earth safe, but it is neat to see him actually doing it.


Those of you hoping for some major advancements of the mystery will have to wait another two weeks though. There is hope a major reveal will occur next month, but it’s certainly a drag when reading this book to realize it’s all just an excuse to show us past Nick Fury exploits. There does seem to be a reason behind this revision, possibly due to Howard Stark being a major player in the Marvel TV line up, but it definitely doesn’t read like a logical chapter in an event series such as this. That said, writer Jason Aaron does a great job with the dialogue and the pacing is spot on too.

Nick Fury’s future?

Once again the art by Mike Deodato Jr. is dark as hell, but it didn’t bother me as much this go around. That’s mostly because there’s a lot of harrowing death and semi-evil exploits going on in Nick Fury’s past. The fact that he was close to assassinating Spider-Man for one, is so dark the very heavy inks makes sense for this type of story.

Is It Good?

If you’re interested in a well told story with a couple surprises that doesn’t at all move along the main storyline then by all means give this a looksie!

Is It Good? Original Sin #5 Review
Well told, semi done in one storyArt fits the darker tone
Not much to do with the event, at least not at face value
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 7 Votes

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