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Is It Good? Vampirella #2 Review

As is the trend in comics lately, Vampirella ended up getting a relaunch with a new creative team attached. I thought the first issue was okay overall; can the second issue take it up a notch? Is it good?

Vampirella #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)


Vampirella is feeling really crappy and more violent after becoming the vessel for the Lady of Shadows. She is on the clock to figure out a way to free herself from this curse or the whole world is pretty much screwed. Her allies the Vatican are not really happy with this turn of events and want her put down before she can do any damage. As such, they bring in their special elite group of monster hunters to put an end to her.

Looks like they hired a catholic Deathstroke to get the job done.

I honestly have no experience or know any of Vampirella’s backstory, this and the past issue being the only comics that I read that featured her in them. It’s done so far a good enough job at introducing a new person like we to this world and the character for the most part. I wouldn’t mind some extra background information about how she came to work with the Vatican or more of her backstory, but that’s not really important right now. The story itself here is decent so far, still feeling like it is just setting things up with introducing all of its characters and plotlines right now.

Nancy A. Collin’s writing is alright for the most part. Character-wise, Vampirella seems interesting and you can empathize with her anger and frustration. The other characters are less remarkable; like the extreme monster hunter or the vampire guy who just wants to be left alone and not deal with an upcoming apocalypse. The dialogue is okay, but nothing really jumps out too much. The pacing is decent enough, the story flows fine, and the ending is rather decent. Fine overall, but nothing too exciting.

I find it interesting that she works in far more revealing clothes than what she sleeps in.

Now the artwork by Patrick Berkenkotter is… okay overall. Characters usually look decently depicted, but a lot of their facial expressions look bad and awkward. Look at the top panel in the above image for instance. She’s yelling out in a fear after a horrible nightmare, but she looks bored and or slightly surprised by it. There’s also a couple of weird poses and body proportions as well. Otherwise, the artwork is okay like stated. Layouts are fine, the coloring is fine, the action is decent enough, and designs are alright. Just nothing much of note. (I wish the artwork within the comic could match the awesome cover artwork by Terry Dodson, by the way.)

Is It Good?

Vampirella #2 is a perfectly fine comic, but doesn’t really have much else besides that. Everything about it is perfectly acceptable, but it’s not particularly exciting nor memorable. If you are a big fan of the character, this may be for you, but for everyone else who is sort of interested, it’s not really recommended.


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