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Is It Good? Black Dynamite #3 Review

There ain’t nothing badder than Black Dynamite cuz he’s always fighting, always learning, and always looking for the strange — ya dig? Black Dynamite #3: is it good?

Black Dynamite #3 (IDW)

I simply loved the first issue, but issue #2 fell a bit flat as it became way too action heavy and the cracker quips were way too on the nose. I wasn’t swayed from the series however and trusted writer Brian Ash would exceed my expectations again.

Why am I so confident? Well they’ve got the character down pat and the sheer amount of possibilities in making fun of today’s culture using Black Dynamite is limitless. On top of all that the series has been way over the top and with the right premise gets crazy… in a good way. Case in point, in this issue BD teams up with some Shaolin monks who are being attacked by a group of kung-fu animals. Problem is, they’re pacifists, so BD has to teach them a lesson on how pacifist is just another word for sucka.

Get the joke?

This is an incredibly fun issue because we not only get to see BD bust out some karate, which has been limited in the last two issues, but he fights actual monsters. Another series, say from Marvel or DC, would stretch this story out for 6 issues, but that isn’t the case here. No, instead it’s all pretty much done in one, with BD arriving to help the monks and succeeding before the issue is over. That isn’t to say it’s a one-shot though, because a major development takes place with BD’s main white power nemesis. To say this issue is flat out bonkers, hilarious and fun to read is an understatement. It’s a lot of fun, with all its violence, sexual innuendos and badassery.

It is a little odd however, how the monks decide doing drugs and having sex is okay now that they’ve realized how awesome violence is, but I guess BD has that effect on people.

That’s some meta ish right there.

The art is done by Marcelo Ferreira, the same man who worked on issue #1, and it’s a lot better pacing-wise than last issue which was done by Ron Wimberly. Not to knock Wimberly, but the art flows nicely here and the Ben-day dots usage continues to send this comic back in time. The action sequence has a lot of manga style lines to express the energy and motion, which is a cool way to enhance the action.

Is It Good?

This is a solid issue anyone can enjoy that’s a hell of a lot of fun due to its throwback art and no nonsense action. A fun ride.


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