The end of the Dark Horse era of Star Wars comics begins here with the final arc of the ongoing series. Is it good?

Star Wars #19 (Dark Horse Comics)


The issue begins with a rebel intelligence named Seren Song requesting an immediate extraction. While being pursued by IG-88, she uses a code identifying herself as Princess Leia to plea for help… which to be fair is a pretty good idea when you’re being chased by a droid assassin.

She’s also been off the grid for a long time and was childhood friends with Leia, which lends an air of mystery and possible deceit to everything. Fortunately for her, the gold-hearted quartet of Luke, Han, Chewy, and Leia aren’t about to let their suspicions get in the way of a good rescue mission.

…and Chewbacca never misses a chance to react to everything by yelling.

Is It Good?

So yeah… that’s about it for the plot, but a brief description doesn’t really do it justice. Brian Wood does an excellent job of making the reader feel wary about Seren Song while also caring about her by the end of the issue. There are also some great action and chase scenes portrayed with the usual beauty and flair we’ve come to expect from Carlos D’anda.

Where this story really shines, however, is in the dialogue. There are some great lines from Han Solo and Luke and Leia manage to have a meaningful conversation that doesn’t come off as creepy.

The internal thoughts and struggles that Seren expresses about her time deep undercover act as an effective hook into the story. The issue didn’t feel like it moved things forward very much from where it started, but it does set the foundation for a good finish to Dark Horse’s excellent run with this franchise.

Is It Good? Star Wars #19 Review
Great dialogue between Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia.Fantastic pencils by Carlos D'anda, particularly during the chase sequences.Writer Brian Wood effectively establishes a new character that the reader will both root for and be wary of.
The issue doesn't move forward very far from where it starts, but does act as a solid foundation for the series' last run of stories.
8Overall Score
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