Fearing death has created many different afterlife stories and, in a way, options for us humans. Whether you believe them or not, it’s a fantastical thing to imagine, largely because life can be one very boring place. So when a new one comes around it’s worth noting, because it’s always good to know your options. With that in mind, is it good?

The Life After #1 (Oni Press)

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, this story has a tap on the mundane world we live in. Wake up, go to work, drive home, go to sleep and that’s about all there is to it. If you’re wondering whether he’s nailed the bleak, boring, average world, he has. As far as the overall narrative things remain rather confusing, but by book’s end you’re guaranteed to be curious as to what is going on in this afterlife.

Bus drivers…amirite?!

The weakest aspect to this issue is not knowing what is going on. Of course we’re just as confused with the protagonist and right there with him, so the story is doing exactly what it sets out to do. The problem is there are no real answers, and the only thing actually certain is that there’s some kind of operation going on that’s controlling not only the protagonist’s life but the world itself. If you’ve seen Cabin in the Woods, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The art by Gabo reminds me of Nick Pitarra’s work on Manhattan Projects as the sketchy style mixed with a thicker cel-shading look is present. It’s not quite as rounded as Pitarra’s and is ultimately not as pretty to look at, but it’s still top notch and succeeds in telling the story. His color however is a bit too monotone for my tastes. This is the afterlife after all, but it’s pretty drab and the flavor isn’t blowing me away.

Now that explains the traffic.

Is It Good?

At once compelling and confusing, this is a decent start to what could be a fascinating story.

Is It Good? The Life After #1 Review
So much confusion it's actually tintilatingGreat pace and layouts
A lot to be confused about
6.5Overall Score
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