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Is It Good? Avengers #32 Review

You know you’re in for it when you sit down to reflect on something and have no idea where to start. The only thought that comes to mind is, “what was that?” But maybe that’s the point; maybe confusion is the endgame. Which may dictate the answer to the question: is it good?

Avengers (2012-) #32 (Marvel Comics)

Captain America is aware that The Illuminati, a team made up of Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Xavier (predeceased anyway), Namor and Dr. Strange, erased his memories and kicked him out of the team. Now he’s got the time gem in hand and he’s traveling into the future at larger and larger clips. Each time jump introduces a new world and new wonders to discover, albeit Cap has only minutes to digest. He’s got only a few Avengers left—Starbrand and Black Widow—by his side as more and more drop as the jumps continue. The last jump introduced an Ultron future and a bomb was placed inside Cap’s head. What is in store for him in this issue?

Just awesome.

Writer Jonathan Hickman opens this issue in the year 5,044 and once again we’re introduced to many wonders and plenty of intriguing concepts. This issue above all else introduces some neat ideas and it’s starting to become clear this story arc is more of a “here are all my ideas I can’t get to so enjoy” storyline. This one involves Franklin Richards, an Avengers planet and a future where living on Earth isn’t so popular. There are plenty of interesting topics introduced, although I’m not sure what they mean in the slightest. The only obvious thing that’s being said is that Cap needs to heed advice in order to stop those that lied to him. When or why is still up in the air. Hickman also lets us know how his other Avengers storyline is going to play out with the colliding universes.

Even the robo superheroes need breasts.

The message appears to be that you can’t change the future as everything is fated to happen. I guess? It’s very unclear, and the point of this issue seems to be more about Captain America being too stubborn to understand the truth, whatever that is, than any message about destiny. The short answer on what this comic is all about, in all its verbosity, is simple: “Huh?” I guess we need to keep waiting, which is what Hickman is very good at.

Leinil Francis Yu does a stellar job once again, although there are some silly butt and breast shots that make little sense for even existing in this book. He does draw some stellar space and techno scenes and you’ll drop your jaw at the space Avengers.

Pointless butt shot.

Is It Good?

How this issue fits into the series is all going to ride on the next issue, but as far as this single issue there’s enough here, ideas mostly, to satiate Avenger and science fiction fans alike.


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