Ash is in love, has plans to get married and he’s a full-fledged knight. If you ever wanted to see what could happen following the movie the answers are right here. Is it good?

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The book opens with Ash mulling over his new way of life and everything seems too good to believe. There aren’t any monsters trying to kill him, he’s actually happy and he’s the boss. Yeah, that can’t last. We quickly learn there is a nightmare coming and it’s more powerful than two armies combined. All the while, Ash has an annoyingly good way of not planning and his goofy nature continues to reign. What’s the worst that can happen?

Where we are now…

There have been plenty of Army of Darkness comics, most so-so in quality, but I was floored by the quality in this issue. The plot is sound, the pace is good, and the stakes are very clearly laid out. Maybe that’s because this miniseries has horror comic master Steve Niles at the helm. There’s even a touch of humor in the opening pages, but really it’s the bad guys that sell this book. A super nightmare force rears its head mid-book and it’s incredibly epic and scary all at once. At the same time, we find out Ash has more to lose than ever. Figures, considering everything was going so well.


The art by Nacho Tenorio is solid in this book too. He draws really good expressions and you Niles obviously knows this, allowing Tenorio to tell the story rather than stuffing it with words. The nightmare monster mentioned above is also awesome and a dreadfully good design. It’s an eight feet tall hooded man-like creature…who’s completely naked. I can’t say how shocking is this thing is naked, given there is no nudity as it’s all craftily covered, but it makes the bad guy all the more ferocious and feral. There’s one full page spread in particular that Tenorio nails where the nightmare creature is smashing and killing with impunity. This shot is reminiscent of the Weapon X cover where he’s standing in a pile of bodies. Simply awesome.


Is It Good?

This comic took me completely by surprise and I loved every panel of it. If you don’t snatch this up, Ash fan or not, you’re missing out on one well paced and exciting comic. Recommended!

Is It Good? Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #1 Review
Art is solid especially with the expressionsWell paced with the stakes very clearEpic bad guy
More please!
10Overall Score
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