Everyone has had a moment where they haven’t fit in. Be it high school, work functions or family gatherings. That makes it easy to enjoy this comic, because it’s all about not fitting in. But is it good?

Princess Ugg #2 (Oni Press)

Last issue we were introduced to Princess Ugg, a high school aged warrior princess from a culture similar to Vikings. She fights giants and really isn’t anything like a princess, but it’s time for her to go to finishing school. Other princesses are there and they’re what you’d expect: frumpy, spoiled, and boring. This issue follows Ugg as she attempts to learn the ways of a lady with terrible results.


This issue is a case where the writer/artist Ted Naifeh probably focused more heavily on the art rather than the plot. Frankly this issue drags because Naifeh hammers us with example after example of Ugg not fitting in. There are six, count them six, examples of Ugg trying to get through her courses. These range from walking with a book on your head to drinking tea appropriately. It’s clearly important to the story, but do we need so much of it? The story finally starts to kick into gear around page 16 where Ugg is being absorbed by her princess peers in the shower. They’re amazed by her muscles. It’s sort of odd, but again, separates her even further. She can’t even fit in physically.

The story begins to turn from this moment and I can see there’s a major development in the works next issue, it’s just too bad we couldn’t move on to that sooner.

The art continues to be very pretty and emotive. The coloring is dreamlike and storybook in nature. It fits the material because it’s not necessarily literal, and Ugg’s background is fantastical in its own right. I mean, we find out she’s killed giants, so the style helps solidify it as fairy tale in nature.

Little odd no?

Is It Good?

I’m still in love with the idea behind this series, but unfortunately this issue doesn’t entertain enough and repeats itself way too much. The art continues to be compelling however and this issue will most likely work much nicer in a collected edition.

Is It Good? Princess Ugg #2 Review
Art style is fairy tale perfect!Last few pages are great storytelling
Too repetitive
6.5Overall Score
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