24 may be done on television, but the prequel comic is still going. Is it good?

24: Underground #4 (IDW Publishing)

The American government finally starts closing in on Jack. Unfortunately, the mobsters are somehow able to evade their advanced surveillance capabilities. That leaves Mr. Bauer on his own to figure this thing out.

While he comes up with a plan, his girlfriend proves herself to be a bit of a badass (which is probably why they were attracted to each other).

Even with limited material, Brisson and Gaydos do an admirable job making this series interesting

Unfortunately, the Jack’s plan doesn’t take into account that villains are cruel people who don’t like to keep their word. As you might have guessed, someone dies…but probably not who you think.

Is It Good?

So yeah…that’s about it.

Beyond revealing Bauer’s ‘plan’ (which was pretty horrible) and the subplot involving his girlfriend’s escape (which wasn’t too bad), not much else happened in this issue. But even with a limited amount of material, Brisson and Gaydos continue to do an admirable job of making this series interesting.

I was genuinely surprised by the ending, which is saying something considering that this is a prequel. Despite the fact that I haven’t really enjoyed the television show, I am interested in seeing how this story will end.

Is It Good? 24: Underground #4 Review
Writer Ed Brisson and Michael Gaydos are still managing to make a prequel series about a concluded television show interesting.The ending was brutal and surprising.
Jack comes up with a pretty stupid plan that ends up having some disastrous consequences, both for a main character the the reader's suspension of disbelief.The action and plot momentum in this one felt a bit stretched (and it probably should have been in the last issue).
6Overall Score
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