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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #6 Review

Now that writer G. Willow Wilson has gotten Ms. Marvel’s superhero origin out of the way, we can look forward to Kamala fighting crime around her hometown. Will it be good?

Ms. Marvel #6 (Marvel Comics)/h2>


Kamala Khan continues to acclimate herself to her new superhero role in Jersey City (with occasional issues presented by The Inventor). During one of the trips to her local comic book shop Kamala hears some strange noises down in the sewers. Suiting up as Ms. Marvel, she heads down below the city to see what exactly is going on.

I mean, I’m not a superhero or anything! No no! Where would you get a crazy idea like that?!

First of all, it’s very nice to have a simple two part arc in comparison to the long introductory arc. As such, the story feels a lot tighter and condensed. There’s much more going on and nothing about it feels padded out like before. It focuses more on her superhero life and her team up with another superhero than her regular life (though a bit of that is here to decent effect), so the focus is much more intense — along with plenty of enjoyable moments and scenes throughout.

Wilson’s writing is solid. The pacing and structure are fine, but the character work really shines. Kamala is a fully developed character and conjures up fond memories of teenage Peter Parker trying to adjust to his role as both a superhero and a growing adolescent (with clear distinctions of course).

The ancillary characters are also well defined and memorable in their own ways (though they lack the depth that Kamala has), having some really great moments and lines. There was also a lot more humor going on in the issue than previously and to its credit, it’s pretty funny. There are some minor nitpicks that I have with some of the storytelling, like a weird cut to where a character appears out of nowhere and such, but that’s pretty much it.

That’s less of a pothole and more a hole where we keep monsters trapped inside.

The artwork for this mini-arc is provided by Jacob Wyatt and it looks pretty good. It fits the tone of the story overall with more cartoonish looking characters and anime-esque attributes (in terms of appearance and emotions expressed). The layouts look pretty decent and flow nicely — there are occasionally some blank and boring backgrounds, but that’s really it.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #6 is an enjoyable and fun issue of the series. It’s charming, funny, has a very likeable and developed main character, and good looking artwork. For those wondering if they should stick around after the long and drawn out first arc, stick around; this may be just what you are looking for.


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