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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #17 Review

If there’s one rule in the Star Wars universe, it’s that there can be only two Sith. Any more and the Sith get imbalanced. The series has been all about this concept at its roots, which is fascinating in and of itself. A climax takes place in this issue pitting hundreds of Sith against stormtroopers. Sounds sweet, but is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #17 (Dark Horse Comics)

Ania Solo, the granddaughter of Han Solo, is after her friend Jao, an Imperial Knight who was kidnapped by a Sith named Wredd. Wredd is very interested in turning Jao to the dark side so that they can control the universe together. Jao has been after Wredd himself for a while after he discovered Wredd has been killing Sith. Now all these things come to a head in this issue and the wait has culminated in a very big battle.

There’s a scene in this comic that’s actually pretty impressive. Writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman have at least a hundred Sith running at Stormtroopers in full battle mode. All the Stormtroopers have for backup is Ania and…Darth Wredd. Cue dramatic music. There’s plenty of action in this comic and frankly it’s what this comic is made up of, which is unfortunate because the highlight of this series is the character dynamics. That’s not to say the comic is bad, just not as good as previous issues, but can you fault a series for giving you little character touches when it delivers on its climax?

The art is dark, the emotional impactful moments work and the scope is never lost

It is obvious however, how weak Ania is in comparison to her compatriots. She doesn’t have much to do nor much she can do about the proceedings. She’s given a general type role that doesn’t seem very true to her character. Rebel in hiding from heroic leader? It’s a stretch.

The art by Brian Albert Thies is great in this issue. It’s right up there with Hardman’s stuff in previous issues. It’s dark, the emotional impactful moments work and the scope is never lost.

Is It Good?

This is a good issue that’s not as balanced as previous issues but still strong. There are some classic shots of Jedi/Sith action you won’t want to miss.


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