It’s been a while since I last reviewed Velvet, hasn’t it?

A bit has happened since then and luckily, I picked up the trade collection and caught up with the book. With the new arc here, it’s time for us to jump back in and see what’s been going on. Is it good?

Velvet #6 (Image Comics)


With the news that her former husband was not a mole, Velvet Templeton returns to London looking for some answers. In order for this setup to work, a high ranking member at the agency or someone there with a lot of power back in the days had to have been involved. But who exactly did it and why? Velvet starts working on a plan to get the information she needs…

I told the guy she wouldn’t want a Hertz Donut, but he wouldn’t listen.

What a great start to this new arc. Seeing the flashback of Velvet at the beginning, how she handles herself returning to London, and the regrets she has really make her such an engaging and fascinating character to watch. The comic has done so well with this aspect, especially in the last issue, and it’s great seeing it keep up that level of quality in this issue.

Ed Brubaker’s writing is as good as ever. The pacing and story structure are great, the mood and tone are very strong, and the supporting cast of characters are interesting enough, especially the suspects Velvet deals with and how she describes them. The ending is also very well done and promises plenty of good story to come in the future.

Then of course we come to Steve Epting’s artwork and man, is it as amazing as ever. The characters look really well done, with a great range of expression in their faces. The layouts are good and the action flows very well, with each hit having real weight and impact to it. The detail put into the world, along with the great atmosphere, really brings the book to life in a lot of scenes (just see above). Also, the coloring by Bettie Breitweiser is just as fantastic and adds to the comic a good deal.

Is It Good?

Velvet #6 is a welcome and strong return for the comic with its new arc. The new direction is very intriguing, the main character feels so fleshed out and fascinating, and the artwork is truly marvelous. I’m very much looking forward to where the comic will be taking us and I do very much recommend the book, especially with the recently released trade collection making it easy to catch up for this issue.

Is It Good? Velvet #6 Review
Solid start for the new arc.Velvet herself is fascinating.The artwork looks amazing.
All setup for the most part.
9Overall Score
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