Danger Girl is close to the heart of many late 20-, early 30-something men I’m sure. That’s because when they were drooling over girls in middle school and high school many of them turned to J. Scott Campbell’s big-breasted series like DG and Gen 13. Since the audience is a bit older and wiser though, the audience has changed, so you can’t get away with merely T&A anymore; it requires a bit of a story. The art might be great, that much is a given, but how is the story? Is it good?

Danger Girl May Day #3 (IDW Publishing)

This miniseries is all about Natalia Kassle and how she’s being used by a bunch of pirates ever since she got amnesia. They know her past, and know that she double crossed the Danger Girls, but for all intents and purposes it appears she’s been stripped clean of her evil ways. Unfortunately for them her fighting skills have dipped too, but they’re counting on muscle memory to kick in when the time is right. In fact, it needs to kick in during this issue as they set her loose on a Russian arms dealer and the action flies hard and fast.

Smile for the camera…I mean scope!

This is a fun issue. It’s littered with double page spreads that are more about letting the action speak for itself than filling the book. Writer Andy Hartnel keeps things light, not delving into Natalia being a double crosser or beyond her new friends being slightly worried. It does get a bit old after a few pages because, we get it, she double crossed the Danger Girls once already, who’s to say she won’t do it again. It comes off as anxious nothingness more than anything. The story comes together nicely by issue’s end and there’s a cool smash-cut from snowy Russia to steamy Africa that’s right in line with the adventure this kind of series needs.

The art by John Royale continues to be nearly as good as Campbell, although there’s still a fishy looking layout or two as I’ve seen in issues past. He continues to draw the women sexy, but not impossibly thin, which is a nice saving grace to a series like this. The action sequence, which is what makes up the majority of this issue, is packed with some cool vehicular climbing whilst driving that’s never confusing. A plus!

Now that’s quick.

Is It Good?

For fun bubble gum action you can’t do wrong with this issue. It’s not going to blow you away when it comes to character, but it’s a nice little ride that sets up its next issue well.

Is It Good? Danger Girl May Day #3 Review
Looks niceAdventure is solidGreat car fight sequence
She might double cross you, okay, we get it!No character development
7.5Overall Score
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