So yeah, we really haven’t checked in on Drumhellar in a while. Last time we did was the end of the first arc… which stunk to high heaven. I skipped out reviewing the sixth issue, but having just read it to catch myself up, I’m disappointed that I didn’t actually review it. I had a lot of things to say about it after reading it and most of them were not very nice. But whatever, that’s in the past now. We are now dealing with the present and the next issue of the series, so let’s get to it. Is it good?

Drumhellar #7 (Image Comics)

So Drum gets another vision and drives to Whitlock with Harold to investigate it. Turns out there are these young kid-looking killers going around and killing a-----e parents (you know, the kind of parents Social Services should be all over if they actually existed in this universe). So Drum is there to help them? I guess? Also, Harold keeps testing out his new ability to possess animals.

You see that last panel there? Yeah, he never brings it up again.

After reading Drumhellar #6 (a comic that if I did review would have gotten a nice 1.5 out of 10 for that waste of time), I wasn’t expecting much out of the next issue. To be fair though, the issue is not as bad the last. Things actually happened in the issue, like the story actually had some focus for once. There was a thing called characterization and development that took place for Harold (not much, but I’ll take it). There was a tiny bit of story progression here. These are sorely missed in the last issue, where apparently it was more important to show Harold possessing a dog and humping a Pikachu doll while Lily tried making him horny by switching through several different costumes.

That being said, the issue was still pretty damn awful when you get down to it. Besides Harold, there’s no other character development or characterization to speak of here. Everyone’s mostly an idiot, a non-character, or an unsympathetic a-----e, none of which really makes the experience enjoyable on any level. The dialogue still retains a lot of problems, where it sounds stilted, inhuman, or completely random at points. Like the character will completely jump from one topic to another. The pacing and story structure are an utter mess, with poor transitions between scenes and moments where things just feel completely pointless. There’s no real emotion, suspense, or drama in this book, so it feels so cold and lifeless in areas. The comic still remains completely original with its approach to a lot of things, but the storytelling is horrendous, so what’s the point?

Why is that truck floating you ask? Ah… umm…

The artwork is what it is. Not my cup of tea at all, but judging from a lot reaction from readers and critics, they just love it. It’s not as psychedelic and as much of an acid trip as the last issue, but it still remains the same quality that one would expect from this series. Again, the artwork does not help with any normal scene transitions and with no real creative imagery this time around, there layouts are incredibly bland and boring. Nothing here will really impress or surprise you in any way.

Is It Good?

Drumhellar #7 is pretty dang bad. It has some improvements in areas of the last issue, but it doesn’t offer anything particularly good either. Heck, it even takes a bit away from the last issue with nothing visually unique or interesting on the pages. All you got is a poorly written story with bland characters. There’s nothing to get into here and this comic still remains not recommended at all.

Is It Good? Drumhellar #7 Review
Some minor writing improvementsIt’s original…
…but the story is completely awful.Storytelling is poorly handled.Nothing of visual interest in comparison to previous issues.
2.5Overall Score
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