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Is It Good? Five Weapons #10 Review

It’s been quite a while since we last checked in on Five Weapons, hasn’t it? A lot of things have happened since then: We’ve met new characters, met old friends, watched our main hero’s world come crumbling down around him, were caught off guard by several surprises, and now we find ourselves at the end of the second arc. How will it all go down and who will be walking away victorious? Is it good?

Five Weapons #10 (Image Comics)

This is it. The big showdown between the Weapons Club & Enrique and the Psionic kids. If the Weapons Club leaders don’t stop the Psionic kids, they are going to lose the school to them. Enrique might have a plan to stop them, but it’s going to require a lot observation and thinking to get them out of this sticky situation.

Trust you?! After everything you pulled?!

My initial thoughts when I was reading this comic was that I was really enjoying it and getting very excited. It was a big clash between the heroes and villains, using their brains and might to try to defeat one another. There were plenty of great moments throughout that got me excited to see the ending of the arc. However, when I reached it, it was very bittersweet. I’m sorry to report, fellow readers, that to my utter dismay, Five Weapons is for all intents and purposes over. It seemed to have been cancelled, and what we were left with was a very disappointing and extremely anti-climactic (though understandable) ending that felt very rushed and left too many plot threads in the air. It was like watching a TV show you were really getting into, you get this big cliffhanger for a season finale, and then you find out it has been cancelled.

It’s really sad that this is happening, since honestly, if it had kept on going this would have been a great end to the arc. It wrapped up the main storyline fairly well, the characters all got to do something, there was plenty of material at the end to make the next arc very exciting and something to look forward to. If this had went on longer and the ending had some minor tweaks, this would have been a very satisfying ending for this arc and buildup for the next. As is, it’s sad just thinking about all of things that could have been.

But let’s forget about the cancellation and abrupt ending, how was the writing otherwise? Very good, as always. The pacing is very tight and not a single page or panel is wasted here. The villains are a good, legitimate threat and seem very unique with their own look, personality, and fighting style. The dialogue can get a bit heavy and full of the exposition, but it’s not too bad really and there are some decent lines. The characterization is alright, giving most of the characters a chance to shine (except Rick the Stick, who gets the short end of the stick here… pun intended) and I do like how the villains are presented and how different they are from one another. The writing here is solid and the story, outside of the ending, is well constructed.

The artwork is also fairly good and does the job. The characters are all distinct and varied in their appearance, with a really good range of expression and emotion. The layouts and the setting (the middle of a forest) are a bit boring but are fine enough. The action is kinetic and fun to look at, really showcasing everyone’s talent fairly well (Rick’s fight is probably the best in my personal opinion). The coloring is also decent here, helping with the visual designs of the characters and action. It’s solid stuff and I’m honestly going to miss it.

I dunno, your names don’t have the same charm as Connie the Commie.

Is It Good?

Five Weapons #10 had a lot going for it: very strong writing, good artwork, and a possibly great conclusion for the arc. What killed and dropped it so many levels was the ending and the fact that comic seemed to have been cancelled without getting a proper amount of time to wrap things up in a fulfilling way. Five Weapons was a great series for all ages (something that Image is severely lacking in) and there was so much fun to be had. While the ending is a letdown, I do still recommend the series regardless and hope you check it out. Maybe one day, this series will return to us.


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