Anyone remember Veil? It’s been quite a while since we last saw it, all the way back at the beginning of May. With the latest issue finally dropping, let’s take a look and see what new things have come to light. Is it good?

Veil #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

Dante manages to escape to a friend’s place to lay low while the cops are out and about searching for him after that unfortunate incident back in issue #2. Meanwhile, we finally learn what Veil is: some sort of demon that Cormac and that businessman wanted to summon for… reasons.

Alright then, it finally feels like we are getting somewhere with this story! And it only took until the second-to-last issue of the mini-series to do so. We get answers on who exactly Veil is, plotlines feel like they are being progressed and/or wrapped up, and it feels like it’s building towards some sort of conclusion for the next issue. Yes, we finally got some plot progression and things are starting to get interesting in this comic. Its only downside is that this all feels very rushed and crammed into the comic instead of flowing naturally.

Also, some Greg Rucka’s writing here remains rather mixed and underwhelming. The character work is still pretty lacking, with little development or characterization for the characters beyond evil guy, pure good guy, monster girl with conflict, and all that jazz. There’s just not much to get out of these characters. The dialogue is alright, but there’s nothing particularly memorable about it and it feels very heavy on the exposition at points. The pacing is better with a lot going on this time around, though again, the storytelling feels rushed. The ending itself is decent, but that’s pretty much it with the comic. Ultimately, the writing here is okay but nothing special, leading to a comic that’s just not that engaging.

Here, enjoy this piece of coral I got you.

Toni Fejzula’s artwork remains alright. Its imagery is creepy at times (even though it looks silly or hard to really distinguish what you are looking at) and the coloring most of time helps with the tone the book is going for. Character models seem to change or look inconsistent at points, like skin tone or body type. The layouts are alright, if a bit bland, and there are some shots that are depicted nicely.

Is It Good?

Veil #4 continues marching toward its conclusion, this time with far more going on in the story and many more answers happening. What really hurts the title though is that its characters are not that compelling and the writing is just average. I’m curious about how the book is going to be ending, but honestly, at this point, I’m not all that excited as I should be after all these issues.

Is It Good? Veil #4 Review
Hey, story progressions and answers for what is going on.Artwork does its job.
Writing is just okay and forgettable.Characters are not compelling or that interesting.Does not feel that exciting or engaging.
6.5Overall Score
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