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Is It Good? Tech Jacket #2 Review

Last month I was completely blown away with the quality of Image Comics new series Tech Jacket.

Well, technically it’s not new, as there was a miniseries before it, but darn is it a fun science fiction adventure book. On top of all that it reads like something super fresh — even though it’s about a guy in a suit of armor that has lots of bells and whistles. Remind you of anybody? Eh: is it good?

Tech Jacket #2 (Image Comics)

Last issue our teenage hero was introduced with a Dad sidekick. There wasn’t a ton of back story but from what I can gather they acquired the Tech Jacket suit and a space station to keep track of threats with. One of the most important revelations was that the kid (Zack Thompson) was very level headed and average… until of course, an alien threat attacks his girlfriend — that’s when he loses it and flies out to save her — even though she’s out of the range of his father’s communication link with the suit. This issue opens where we left off, with Tech Jacket being swallowed up by a giant alien.

Is that an anus above him?

This series works because it’s drawn so flipping well. Khary Randolph has an anime vibe to his style and draws some wild and interesting looking creatures. The suit itself is also a spectacle to see. The pacing and layouts are also superb; everything is either exciting, adventurous, or just downright jaw dropping. Scale and scope are never lost. The color by Dave McCaig pops too and lends itself to the pop of the pencils. For some reason it reminds me of Michael Dialynas’s work on Amala’s Blade.

Tight squeeze.

Is It Good?

This is a very enjoyable popcorn type of comic that excels at action and adventure.


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