Saturday at Boston Comic Con was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to share the news and stories we’ve got coming your way soon. There’s still another day at Boston Comic Con yet, but doggone it, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to sharing the excellent cosplay on display. We’ve tried to caption these with who they are, but some were baffling, so let us know what they are. Enjoy!

And if that’s you in the picture let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @advsinpoortaste!

9:30 a.m., coffee in hand, game on cosplayers…what you got?!

A lot of Deadpool at the event. BUT this guy had a sign!

Red Power Ranger 4eva.

Vicious Rocket Racoon!

Frank Quitely would be proud of this cosplay Cyclops!

Green Arrow and…Deathstroke?

Flaming Carrot with real flame!

About to get real with Bane (Raymond Ramis) and Batman!

Batgirl, Catowman, Catwoman and Gamora walk into a bar…

Zombie Super Mario Brothers. You dig?!

Lara Croft looks a bit pissed at the camera man here…concerning.

Boss predator.

Coming this december, Dominion Legacy!

Skeletor wants YOU.

Steampunk for the win.

Deadpool is moving in on…Egyptian girl?

We’re just glad Spawn had the time to look over at us while Ghost Rider and Deadpool discuss their murders.

Joker and Mad Hatter crossover. Yes please!

Scarlet Spider-Man and Magik looking boss.

Jackie Hunt showing off her great Special FX makeup work! Check her out here.

“My personal favorite!” David Brooke said of the Saga cosplayers.

Jay and Silent Bob.

Blackcat knows what’s up.

Bane, Poison Ivy and Joker together…this can’t be good.


Seriously, huh?

Dr. McNinja anyone?

We saw a lot of Harley Quinn, but this might be our favorite!

Blades and web special!

Watch those blades Wolverine, we thought you loved Jean!

Halo dudes got the place on lock down.

Castiel on the hunt.

When you’re nWo, you’re nWo 4 lyfe, BROTHER!

Lady Deadpool holds Russ at gunpoint.

Green Arrow shot to the heart!


“Tee dee!”

She cut me, mang.

Russ ro dah!



Worthy of Mjolnir.

Great Zatanna and Power Girl.


  • ArbiterofGoodTrolling

    Troll attempt: 2/10.

    • Rapunzel

      I’m very sorry you think that I’m trolling. I am more than happy to pose for pictures but I am not ok with being creeped on at cons. Taking pictures of me without asking and posting them on the internet is violating my privacy. You need my consent to take a photograph of me. Fun fact: I will never say no if someone asks to take my picture politely.

  • MadamParadox
    • David Brooke


    • stus55285

      awesome job, love the costume.

  • Mr. After Dark

    Dr. McNinja in the house.

  • Stephan Rose

    The “Steampunk” couple are Dr Cause and Nurse Effect from the “Blockbuster Buster” show on

  • BCC Staff

    The photograph of the Red (Orange is the New Black) cosplayer violates the “Cosplay is Not Consent” rules enforced by the Boston Comic Con. Please remove the photo.

    • The cosplayer in question expressed happiness on our Twitter at the picture being here, but point taken, removed.

    • Mishy

      Thanks, I was happy about my photo being taken but hated the fact that it was a poor candid shot. I’d be glad to have a picture up that was taken with my consent, though. How about this one with a lovely Piper cosplayer?

  • Greyman

    I’m the Green Arrow fighting Deathstroke. My son (Speedy, just out of frame) was a little bummed this wasn’t one of the shots he was in too. 🙂

    • We’ll be sure to get him in the next round of photos. Hope to see you guys again. Great costumes!

  • Jenny

    It’s Fus ro dah