When it comes to comics there aren’t any as plot-heavy as Spider-Man. This is in large part because writer Dan Slott has been the sole contributor to the series for so long he’s been able to weave together long running storylines and plots. This means if you’ve been following along for the entire ride you’ll be rewarded with plenty of callbacks and the build ups. This latest arc has introduced new villains and characters, but it’s still a reaction to Superior Spider-Man. That makes it a tough read for newer readers, and probably a tough writing job too, so is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #5 (Marvel Comics)

It was revealed Spider-Man’s “original sin” was the fact that someone else was bitten by the radioactive spider. She has similar powers to him it seems, although she’s faster with a stronger spider-sense. He uncovered her locked away in Ezekiel’s lair just in the nick of time because Black Cat and Electro are on the prowl to take Spider-Man out. Black Cat is pissed Spider-Man got her locked up a few months back (the doing of Doc Ock Spidey) and she wants revenge. At the same time, J.J. Jameson is now a pundit on the 24 hour news show The Fact Channel.

That’s sexual!

Writer Dan Slott gives Electro and Black Cat plenty of time in this issue, but we don’t necessarily learn what the plan is until the last moment. There are scenes of Black Cat taking on mob bosses, but to what end is unclear. He does give Electro character moments that help make him a little less of a lacky and possibly have more to gain than just a snivelling bad guy. These scenes are broken up with Spider-Man/Silk moments, which are good, albeit a bit repetitive. The issue opens with Spider-Man and Silk making out, then after deciding to stop, the next time we see them they’re making out again. I get that he’s trying to show they can’t help themselves, but in a 20 page comic it gets boring. We understand they can’t help themselves, but please, move on.

Eventually the comic moves onto where Spidey and the villains will meet face to face and that’s at The Fact Channel. This provides some color and character development for J.J., but is also a means to show how Peter is so very grateful to be back in his body. He hugs J.J., which is a shock to him, and it’s nice to see Slott hasn’t forgotten that Peter is still happy to be himself again.

Humberto Ramos has another tight issue on his hands. “Tight” meaning there is a ton of dialogue and not a lot of space to fit his pretty and curvaceous line work. Electro finally gets moments to use his power and man does it look beautiful. The color and energy in these things are impressive. Ramos was born to draw such organic looking things that is for sure.

Funny moment. I hope Slott plays up this comedic angle more.

Is It Good?

While a bit repetitive with the Silk and Spider-Man attraction, this issue progresses the story nicely. I can’t say a new reader will have any idea what is going on, and the layouts are a bit cramped, but overall it’s a strong delivery of character and plot.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #5 Review
Electro's powers look amazingSilk/Spider-Man dynamic is working
A bit repetitive with the, "they can't keep their hands off each other" elementNew readers be damned!Black Cat's plans are getting a bit annoying. Tell us already.
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 19 Votes

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