Being a princess isn’t as easy at it looks. It’s not all tea parties and crumpets, but rather rules and responsibilities.

It’s even harder when you’re born a barbarian princess, which is what this series is all about. Last issue showed off all the prim and proper things these girls learn after recently joining a finishing school. This issue promises to reveal why Ulga came to the school in the first place. Princess Ugg #3: is it good?

Princess Ugg #3 (Oni Press)

Alright hear this: Princess Ugg is a badass motha. She kicks ass and takes names, but recently we found out she’s not so cut out for finishing school. Problem is, this issue reveals her moms was totally in need of her heir to make peace. That means her daughter MUST be a fish out of water to save the kingdom. Heavy.

Nice shot.

Writer and artist Ted Naifeh does it all on this issue and I have to say he turns it around for me. Last issue I was annoyed; it was so focused on Ugg trying and failing at princess etiquette that it had no character arcs, no plot progression…ugh. It was a little much. This issue pulls things around, though. Why is that? Because Ugg gets a moment to explain herself. I said in the last review it’s pretty clear a trade collection might do this book kindly and it’s proven here. Frankly this issue gives us the emotional beat we needed last issue. It focuses on why Ugg’s at the school at all and gives her a reason to try. Previously it was all about Ugg figuring out her situation and trying to fit in; finally we get a reason as to why it all matters.

This issue is a bit bipolar though; it starts off with Ugg revealing her true self and then is cut in half with Ugg trying to make amends and try hard. It’s a situation of the author giving us real meaning and reacting to it. Unfortunately it makes the issue feel a little false in that it is split in two so drastically. The second half feels like a montage of Ugg trying to do her best at the school, but since the first act reflects why it’s very reactionary. The second act also displays some humor, especially with Ugg trying to figure out the perfect Princess Pony (to no avail).

The meaning comes out!

Is It Good?

Princess Ugg #3 turns it around and reads wonderfully, although the two part split is a little . That said it’s a good read and should get adventure fans excited for the next issue!

Is It Good? Princess Ugg #3 Review
Issue gives you tons of character work...score!Art, as always, is phenom
Very split storytelling as the first half seems very apart from the second. No balance.
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote

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