After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Justin Zimmerman’s zombie comic, Safe, has begun arriving to backers early! Is it good?


The story begins with a father and his son driving away from a world overrun by zombies. The child is understandably upset, but the father seems a more than a little unhinged himself. After arriving at a cabin they’d hoped to bunker down in, the pair are attacked by a horde of undead.

So yeah…this all sounds pretty cliché and boring, right? Even if you completely discounted Russell Brown’s fantastic artwork, the most ardent of zombies fan would feel like they had seen all of this before.

But that’s where Zimmerman’s story pulls one over on the reader, giving us a couple of shocking twists/reveals that lead to a heartbreaking conclusion.

“I may be worn, but I ain’t worn out, sonny!”

Is It Good?

I wish I could tell you more about the plot, but that would spoil the best part of the book. Just believe me when I say that Zimmerman has crafted a tale that is much fresher than the rotting corpses lumbering through it.

That’s not to say that it’s perfect, though. While the story’s theme and twists are very well executed, it felt like we didn’t get enough time with the characters before it’s over. After I got over the OH SNAP factor of the ending, there was an empty place where my empathy for these people should have been.

But even taking that issue into consideration, this is still an excellent story. Zimmerman and company managed to surprise me within a genre where I thought I’d seen pretty much everything. Well done.

For more from the creator of Safe, check out his Etsy page!

Is It Good? Safe Review
Writer Justin Zimmerman takes a genre everyone is starting to get sick of and delivers a fresh, exciting story with a genuinely surprising twist.Fantastic artwork by Russell Brown.The ending is a heartbreaker.
The impact of the story's big reveal suffers due to the characters not being explored more.
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote