The Autobots and Decepticons are gearing up for war and to the victor goes the Transformers’ homeworld: Cybertron.

Did I mention this final chapter in the War for Cybertron is being written by World of Warcraft/Diablo/Starcraft scribe Chris Metzen and Transformers: The Animated Movie screenwriter Flint Dille? The nerd boner be strong with this one.

Transformers: Primacy #1: is it good?

Transformers: Primacy #1 (IDW Publishing)


This premiere issue primarily deals with the opposing factions as they gear up for the impending battle.

Optimus Prime and Ironhide discover an immensely powerful Autobot at the summit of the Grav-Haraan Glacier… but Megatron isn’t without a game-changing addition of his own.

It’s cool. Optimus can carry your weight too, saddlebags.

Is It Good?

Although setup takes precedence over action this time around, Metzen and Dille set the stage for what should be a bad-ass throwdown in issues to come.

The Transformers we all know and love are given solid characterization: Optimus is noble and overachieving; you can almost hear the gravelly, diabolical, Welkerian intonation as Megatron relates his latest evil schemes; and Hot Rod embodies the “Still the F-----g New Guy” role to a tee.

The exchanges between Grimlock and Hot Rod particularly stood out; as fun as the “Me Grimlock kick butt” days were — Grimlock’s character has matured for the better. His hardened-warrior demeanor clashing with Hot Rod’s zealous naivete is reminiscent of the “awkward grandfather/grandson” bonding moments from Transformers: The Animated Movie between Kup and Hot Rod, though with more of a “drill sergeant tough love” leaning. Good stuff.

It sure is a purdy planet when you forget about the perpetual civil war and tumult going on, idn’t it?

Livio Ramondelli’s illustrations are impressive as always; although some scenes end up looking a bit static because of the digital painting style, the Transformers look bad-ass and glorious to behold in every panel. (Loved the spread for the Trypticon flashback.)

Although Dille was likely the more knowledgeable of the two writers in Cybertron lore, you can feel the impressive world-building scope that Metzen’s writing brings to the mix. (The fact that Optimus and Ironhide are even scaling a Grav-Haraan Glacier in the first place is just balla and good fun.) Big players in the Transformers pantheon are making big moves and the writers have already efficiently hammered home the notion that the stakes will be high and Cybertron spanning.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next (as well as some new locales across Cybertron).

Is It Good? Transformers: Primacy #1 Review
Transformers we know and love are represented well.Beautiful art by Livio Ramondelli.Metzen and Dille set the stage for what should be exciting things to come.
Mostly set-up with a distinct lack of action.
8.5Overall Score
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