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Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Review

With the threat of Doomsday quelled, the attention of the remaining, functioning superheroes are now dedicated to Brainiac’s swarms and recent arrival of Non and Mongol from the Phantom Zone.

Superman/Wonder Woman #11 (DC Comics)


So if you’re just following the Superman and Wonder Woman issues, the Doomed plot has advanced between last week’s Superman/Wonder Woman Annual and this week’s issue.

Here’s a summary of what happened in Action Comics #34 (I’ll put it in spoilers in case you’re still working on reading it. Shame on you if that’s the case. It’s been a week.) Basically that behemoth we saw at the end of last week’s annual is Brainiac’s ship which is able to enclose entire planets in psychic mind locks. The handful of superheroes that remain free of Brainiac’s grasp attempted to save the day by pulling both the planet and the ship into the phantom zone and it epically failed. So now the JL’s satellite has just been blown up with Cyborg, Steel, and Lana Lang aboard and with the phantom zone down, Non and Mongol have arrived at earth. So basically things are looking real good for humanity.


This issue brings us one step closer to the finale of Doomed. While this story arc hasn’t drug on and sputtered out as poorly as Forever Evil, it has taken some time and we’re all waiting for fireworks and a finale. Also, because Superman has been kind of running the show for the last couple months, we’ve seen very little Wonder Woman action. Despite having her name on the cover, she doesn’t come into this issue until halfway through. This issue mostly focuses on Superman and Martian Manhunter (This man deserves more time in the limelight) as they attempt to hold off Brainiac’s swarms and regroup with the handful of remaining superheroes.


However later in the issue we do see Wonder Woman and Superman together being adorable, but it’s only for a split-second. It’s what they set out to do afterwards that will make you antsy for next month’s issue. (Hint: You’ll get another amusing panel with a sarcastic Superdoom).

Spoiler: How does Wonder Woman think she can trust Mongol? What army does he still have possession of if War world has been destroyed? Also, is this seriously a smart decision for Clark to tap into Superdoom’s powers? He nearly died, multiple times, because of Doomsday’s possession and now with only a few hours of clarity he’s just going to turn right back to it? That’s like buying a keg after receiving your thirty-day chip.

Is It Good?

We’re drawing near the end of the story arc and while this isn’t as good as some of the other issues, it makes a decent penultimate issue in setting up the finale. The art by Siqueira is a noticeable difference from what we’ve come to expect from Daniel, but he still gives us some good looks in the outer space robot fight (I feel ridiculous even writing that sentence.)


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