When they collect the Armor Hunters story I hope it’s an omnibus complete collection, because so far it has been organized masterfully. The tie-ins allow for additional story and character work and the main event is poignant, strong and exciting. I simply loved the last Bloodshot tie-in, but how about issue #2? Is it good?

Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #2 (Valiant Entertainment)

Catch up time: The Armor Hunters just blew up Mexico City and they want the X-O armor and any extra armors lying around — including one being worn by a maniac alien X-O. That alien has been imprisoned a military base which Bloodshot is currently defending. Bloodshot’s on his own save for some measly humans and now he must take on one of the Armor Hunters himself after dispelling a group of alien dogs. Get some.

A little too badass, but I’ll take it.

This issue is action-packed goodness. The premise is simple: Round 1 of Bloodshot vs. Maniac Alien followed by Round 2 of Bloodshot vs. Maniac Alien in an elevator shaft followed by cliffhanger — but damn is it enjoyable. I’d be remiss to not give writer Joe Harris his props, but the choreography is what sells this book. There isn’t much in ways of hand to hand combat — but the overall dance is a sheer joy to watch. It’s a little odd to see the storyline of Bloodshot as human being let go so quickly, partly because it worked so well last issue, but it’s okay to let that slide when you’re reading an action book like this.

Artist Trevor Hairsine’s work gets a little more loose in this issue than from the last. It has a Walter Simonson feel going on. That’s due to the smattering of ink specks all over the place and the penwork. A character could simply be standing in a corridor but look like they’re filled with energy due to Hairsine’s impeccable lines.

Action packed!

Is It Good?

Another good issue out of this writing and drawing team. It’s also rather self contained, never needing to go outside to the main event much beyond why Bloodshot is fighting the alien he’s fighting. The cliffhanger introduces a not so surprising twist, but if you’re not excited to see what happens next you’re probably not digging this great art either.

Is It Good? Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #2 Review
Art is phenomGreat action sequence
Not much beyond the action sequence when it comes to story
8.5Overall Score
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