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Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #9 Review

We return to the land of gigantic killer frogs and insects this week folks, with the latest issue of Manifest Destiny! After that rather nasty and creepy shot from last issue, I was more than intrigued in seeing what happens next to our wandering heroes. Is it good?

Manifest Destiny #9 (Image Comics)

While Lewis works on a plan to kill the giant frog beast in the river’s depths, Clark’s team continues working on getting samples of wildlife back on the riverbank and in the forest. Of course, as we know, the kind of wildlife out in this untamed land is not the kind anyone wants to run into. That goes double for the insects out there…

Hmmm… you might need a bigger bullet than that.

After the more energized and intense previous issue, this one is a bit slower paced and doesn’t push the story forward as much (at least the first half—the second half does up the intensity a tad, but it quickly goes away until the very end). It instead feels slightly more character-focused this time around like with #7, giving attention and scenes to characters who haven’t said or done much recently (like Charbonneau and York). It’s not very heavy in the character development area mind you, but it does offer a tiny bit more insight to these people. Also, like with the previous issue, it has another pretty creepy (and also rather icky) ending that is really enticing and makes you want to stick around to see the next issue.

Other than that, Chris Dingess’ writing is solid. The characterization is relatively good and everyone is still feeling like they are in character here. Sure, there is still a need for more development of these side characters to fully appreciate or care about them, but the small touches we got with this issue was appreciated. Dialogue and narration are fine; with no real problems with it. The pacing is decent outside of a slow beginning and the storytelling is solid and easy to follow. The tone remains fairly consistent and even the small touch of humor in this issue actually works and fits in well enough. Solid writing overall.

And random dog out of nowhere…

The artwork by Matthew Roberts looks beautiful like in previous issues. The characters are nicely drawn, the landscape is nicely detailed when drawn, the tiny bit of action stands out really well, the coloring is appealing, and of course, the monster/creature design still look great. There are some weaknesses with the occasional odd white voids for backgrounds and there isn’t anything that really jumps out of at you this particular issue outside of the ending (no big shocking image, unique layout, or something similar). Still, the comic looks great as usual and is worth your time.

Is It Good?

Manifest Destiny #9 is a good, very enjoyable issue of the series. While the pacing and the story slows down a bit, the writing still pulls us through and keeps us engaged in this creepy historical fiction tale. There’s not much else to say other than check it out!


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