Batwoman must make a choice that Maggie’s not willing to make! And where does Nocturna fit into all of this? Is it good?

Batwoman #34 (DC Comics)

Batwoman finds herself in a rather big scuffle with Killshot, Nocturna, and Night-Thief. Fighting all three of them at once proves to be a very difficult fight indeed, especially when she loses her mask in the fight.

This can only end well.

There are two parts to the story here to address, one of which is a big one that people have been wondering about for a while now. The first part is that the issue brings a close to this mini-arc with Nocturna for the moment and as I was reading it, the ending felt a bit cliché with it seeming like Nocturna got away for now and is going to be planning her next attack or confrontation with Batwoman at a later date, like we have seen with other stories. If it had ended that way, I would say it was anti-climactic, but luckily, it didn’t. No, the ending was much more surprising and ended on a rather shocking moment, which should guarantee most people are going to want to find out what happens next.

Now for the second and only part people will be talking about It’s official: Kate and Maggie have broken up. Kate sacrificed their relationship so Maggie wouldn’t lose custody of her daughter to her very bigoted husband. It’s an ending that admittedly, is handled maturely and in a way that makes you understand the characters’ pain of having to let go, while also leaving the door open for them reuniting in the future. The downside of it is that it turned out to be true that the characters were prevented from getting married after all. Either way, regardless of how it was handled, it’s going to bug some people.

Outside of this, the writing was solid for the most part. The comic itself goes by relatively quickly, since there’s not a ton of things happening besides what I mentioned and those parts are really stretched out over several pages. The pacing, as such, is quick and everything is done before you know it. The dialogue and narration is fine, with some rather good bits here and there (especially the scene with Kate in therapy). The emotional aspect is strong, and you feel the sadness in all the characters. The storytelling is good and the story flow is fine with no choppy scene transitions or the like.

The artwork for the issue is split between Moritat and Jeremy Haun. Moritat draws the entire fight scene and it looks great, with good depiction of the action and characters alike (though there is some choppiness at one point). Jeremy Haun draws the rest of the book and he does a fine job for the most part, especially with the layouts and angles used in the panels. I think his weakest part is with the characters and how their facial expressions look. They honestly don’t feel all that strong, especially during the heavy scene in the middle where they should be.

Is It Good?

Batwoman #34 brings this small arc to a close on a rather tragic note that everyone has had in the back of their minds for a while. It does have good parts to it and the big surprise at the end is interesting and leaves you wondering what’ll happen next. After this issue, many things have changed and whether or not that’ll be good for the future of this title, is up to us to find out in future issues.

Is It Good? Batwoman #34 Review
Memorable end to the arc.Writing and artwork are appealing.Emotional aspect of the story is very strong.
Goes by very quickly.Some problems with the art.One storyline bit is certainly going to cause a lot of problems.
8Overall Score
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