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Is It Good? Teen Titans #2 Review

The premiere issue for the new Teen Titans comic got off to a good start.

While the story wasn’t all that special, it did serve as a great introduction to the team and had some gorgeous looking artwork. The second issue is here: Is it good?

Teen Titans #2 (DC Comics)

After rescuing that school bus last issue, the popularity of the Teen Titans has exploded all over Manhattan and the social media. As that is happening, Bunker and Beast Boy are still talking about what happened regarding Bunker’s confrontation. Also, S.T.A.R. Labs are running into some problems of their own.

Ah yes, saying you are very, very dangerous really puts the peoples’ minds at ease.

There’s definitely a more concrete story forming here than in the previous issue, with several different subplots and characters being introduced. There’s a lot of potential with all of them and I’m honestly curious in seeing where they go, especially concerning the Wonder Girl gang, who actually got a laugh out of me when I saw them (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing) . Basically though, the issue is still pretty much setting things up and we should start getting some real payoff later down the line.

There was some pretty good development and characterization for a few of the team members in this second issue. Red Robin didn’t get much, as we only get to see him interrogating the last surviving mercenary from the bus hijacking, and Wonder Girl didn’t even appear at all in the issue (though her impact on the series was there). Raven herself had a tiny bit as she visited a small concert in disguise, where the band playing has been inspired by her; the fact that Raven enjoys inspiring people and also having fun really distinguishes her from the rest of the crew and was a nice touch.

This issue however focuses mostly on Beast Boy and Bunker; Beast Boy is a lot of fun to watch, being a bit goofy but also full of heroic qualities (reminds me of his personality from the Teen Titans cartoon). Bunker is a bit more in your face and upfront about what he believes in, not afraid to be confrontational or start ranting. From my understanding, that’s not what he’s really like in other stories, so this sudden change may not sit right with some readers.

But first, tell me how you are standing like that. I’m confused.

Will Pfeifer’s writing is once again good overall. The pacing is fione, along with the storytelling. So far, I like how the social media elements and how the Teen Titans are influencing the young culture is being handled. It’s not trying to be too hip, modern, or in your face about it like other titles with this sort of theme. It’s restrained and has these parts serve a purpose to the story without it overdoing it. Heck, I do even like some of internal continuity at play here in the title with other books, like Crabby Cat, who was also mentioned in Batman Eternal this week. The only weak part I found with the writing was the dialogue. It doesn’t sound all that natural a lot of the times; feeling forced, corny; or awkward sounding. It’s not like that all of the time mind you, but it does take you out of the book at points. Either way, the writing is perfectly fine in most areas of this book.

The artwork by Kenneth Rocafort still looks amazing and really gives Teen Titans some extra polish. Even though there’s an overabundance in white, wasteful space in the book, the layouts really look good and flow well from panel to panel. The characters are well drawn, distinct, and varied looking in most ways. The coloring is gorgeous and really shines in different areas. There’s also the action, which is handled superbly and really flows well, having a lot of moments that really drawn your eyes to them.

GAH! Purple bricks! My one weakness!

Is It Good?

Teen Titans #2 is a good follow up to the previous issue. It’s getting the ball rolling on the story and several different subplots and elements here, while developing two of the main characters as well. Toss in some gorgeous looking artwork and this is another win for this new comic, despite some of the hiccups it had.


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