Russ Whiting: Nick! Wake up!

Nick Nafpliotis: Wha…Huh?

Russ: We need you to do a review for the last issue of 24: Underground.

Nick: That series is still going on?

Russ: Yes…and it’s your job to finish reviewing it.

Nick: Ah, c’mon Russ! It’s a decent comic, but I didn’t even like the television series that ended months ago. Do I really have to?”

::Russ strikes Nick in a place where it won’t leave a mark::


Russ: That wasn’t a request. Now get off your ass and get this done or so help me, I’ll make you review all the Avengers books, too.

Nick: You wouldn’t dare!

::Russ strikes Nick again in a place where it won’t leave a mark::

Nick: AARRGGHH!! How do you manage to hit me in the exact same place like that?!

Russ: It’s called ‘The Boston Tickler.’ If you don’t want to feel it again, then get this review done immediately.

::Nick sobs in the corner for twenty minutes::

Sniff… Hey guys, the last issue of 24: Underground comes out this week. Is it good?

Editor’s Note: AiPT does not condone physical violence towards its contributors. Unless you use the “Boston Tickler.”

24: Underground #5 (IDW Publishing)


Bauer is about to get iced by Mishka when he’s saved by a phone call and some very bad news: The CIA is closing in on their position. Mishka decides to go full supervillain and take Bauer with him as he escapes (instead of…you know… pulling the trigger and making a clean getaway) while a shootout between the agents and the Russian mafia ensues.

“I could just kill you now, but that would be too easy…and the Fox legal department would destroy me!”

While they’re in the car, one of Mishka’s men kicks the stupid up a notch by telling Bauer that his girlfriend is dead. Not only is that statement untrue, but it sends Bauer into a Hulk-like rage, allowing him to easily escape the car.

As the CIA closes in, Bauer finds himself in the familiar position of trying to help the very people who are hunting him. He also receives a stark reminder of why his world will never be one which can sustain a healthy relationship…or have any sort of happiness at all.

Is It Good?

Ed Brisson does an excellent job with the issue’s ending, providing a haunting bit of closure to a bizarre chapter in Jack Bauer’s life. Unfortunately, his hands are a bit tied by the fact that this a prequel and we already knew he wasn’t going to get kidnapped or killed. That undermined the series’ ability to build tension quite a bit.
It also doesn’t help that some of the character’s decisions in this issue don’t make any sense…although none were as bad as Jack Bauer TRYING TO HIDE FROM RUSSIA IN UKRAINE!

Michael Gaydos’ art is great as always. He also utilizes some cool color effects to accentuate some of the major action sequences.

It all adds up to a decent and fun series for fans of 24. I guess I’m still technically a fan, but I didn’t really enjoy the last iteration of the television series at all.

Fortunately, the comic was a lot more fun to read…even if it did take way too long to come out…and caused me to get beaten up by my editor.

Is it Good? 24: Underground #5 Review
Michael Gaydos' art continues to look great right up to the end.Ed Brisson does a serviceable job on a series with limited potential to build tension, instead focusing on theme to give us a haunting conclusion.
Many of the characters decisions don't make sense, serving the plot more than being something that they would actually do.
7Overall Score
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