Captain America has been introduced to new timeline after new timeline due to the time gem breaking and going haywire. He’s not new to the whole ‘wake up in the future’ game, so maybe he’s the man for this mission. But, is it good?

Avengers #34 (Marvel Comics)

Over the course of the last few issues Captain America has been sent 48 years, 5045 years and 51,028 years into the future. Each time he’s encountered Earths that were completely different, from Ultron-controlled Earth to an Earth with an Avengers moon. It’s been a wild ride, but all things must come to an end, and in this issue Cap enters a fractured time and place and ultimately the end of the road. This issue opens with Cap meeting up with Iron Lad, and two other versions of Kang the Conqueror. We learn, in a very Matrix Revolutions sort of way, that this isn’t the first time Cap has made it to this point. He’s told he has limited choices, but when was the last time Cap did what the bad guys wanted?

Uh oh…

Jonathan Hickman writes a pretty solid issue here, with a good bit of “who is Captain America” weaved in to give it all meaning. I wouldn’t say the plot is such a strong thing to read though. When you’ve got a hero running into villains who just want to talk and explain it can get a bit boring. That said, everything that happens in this issue is setting up what will most likely be the conclusion to Hickman’s Infinity Earths storyline. If you’re not reading that you’ll probably give two shits about what is happening in this issue, although it is always nice to see Kang.


How Cap wins the day is a bit of a cliche for him and it’s pretty clear it happens because the page count can’t fit a meaningful battle. It’s a bit of a let down really, because the issue serves more as an information dump rather than having any action take place.

Leinil Francis Yu is once again forced to draw lots of talking heads. There’s not much scope or scale to the issue because of this, although it does open on some impressive images of jungles. There’s a panel or two that look awkward too, for instance the one of Cap below, but for the most part his clean work is good.

What most people were thinking throughout this series.

Is It Good?

This story ain’t over yet, but it sure feels over because the time travel fun has ended. It all ended for a purpose, but you’d think the battle between three Kangs and Cap would end a lot more interestingly than with a simple shield toss.

Is It Good? Avengers #34 Review
A good purpose to the seriesArt is solid
Art doesn't have much to doFinal battle is weak
7Overall Score
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