Outcast has been strong thus far and I’m quite intrigued to see where this issue takes us.

Last time around we met more of characters, including the possible big bad. Hopefully, the story kicks it up a notch and really gets freaky again. Is it good?

Outcast #3 (Image Comics)


A married couple takes in an old friend (doesn’t say who he is), but things… don’t quite go as planned.

Meanwhile, Reverend Anderson has been hitting a low recently after seeing that mysterious stranger at his church, while Kyle catches dinner with his next door neighbor. Character drama abounding!

You heard the priest, folks. Sin away, but don’t sin too big now!

Following the lead of the previous issue, Outcast #3 is another slow-paced and introspective issue. Characterization and development take front and center this issue, focusing on our two leads again and how they are doing; it’s admittedly good stuff and very humanizing — especially the scene with Kyle talking to his elderly neighbor and reflecting on his wife. You really believe in these characters and can empathize with all of their personal struggles. The downside: it leaves us with another fairly uneventful issue.

The story is progressing and setting the stage for something big next time; however, outside of a creepy opening and of course the ending, the whole issue lacked something; that is, there wasn’t much in the way of horror or any real excitement besides the beginning. While it’s very easy to get sucked into the strong character writing, the lack of a strong plot and almost no scares in a horror comic didn’t make this the strongest outing for the series. I am hoping for a big turnaround next time around.

Dammit, why does everyone keep using my front lawn as a landfill?

Kirkman’s writing remains strong notwithstanding. It’s still very slow-paced with a touch of decompression but the character writing does a good job at keeping you from feeling that. The dialogue is still very well-done, feeling very natural and human. That of course only helps with the strong characterization and development going on in the book. The small hints and touches in the writing, such as brief flashbacks or moments where it is completely silent, really set the mood and tone of the book. Again, outside of the shocking opening, the horror angle isn’t very strong here. It’s mostly laidback and quiet.

Paul Azaceta’s artwork continues to shine in this dark book. The characters are well-drawn and the layouts are excellent and easy to follow. The tone is bolstered with the help of the excellent coloring and shades being used through the book. Happily, most of the time, there are actually backgrounds here instead of blank ones. Ultimately, it remains a good looking book and I hope it really stretch itself when there’s actually more horror happening.

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way at one point or another in our lives.

Is It Good?

Outcast #3 is a very strong, character-focused issue of the series. While still decompressed and lacking in horror (most of the time at least), it still knows how to draw you into its world and characters. It’s truly engaging, thoughtful, and so very human. I look forward to the next issue, but I do hope it gets going a bit more.

Is It Good? Outcast #3 Review
The character work is strong.The writing is fantastic.Artwork is creepy, yet so beautiful.
Slow moving and decompressed.
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 5 Votes

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