While it wasn’t without its problems, I was quite entertained by the first issue of Star Spangled War Stories. I’m hoping for the same level of quality with this next issue, but is that what I’m gonna get? Is it good?

Star Spangled War Stories Featuring GI Zombie #2 (DC Comics)

G.I. Zombie and Cameron put their plan into action to stop these evil terrorist bikers. Cameron heads into their headquarters undercover, while G.I. watches her back from the outside. They need to destroy these missiles the bikers have and find out what they are planning. It’s going to be a very messy mission.

Guy’s got a mean back throw there.

Even after the intial shock of this being a DC proper comic rather than a Vertigo one, I’m really getting into War Stories. The story is pretty solid and really action-packed. There haven’t been any twists or big surprises yet, but it still has many ways it can really shock the audience. It’s a very gritty comic, but that feels appropriate, instead of having it be tacked on (like Batgirl has been) and ill-suited. Plus, it also fixes the problems I had with the last issue, as it has a lot more energy and excitement to it while really kicking the story into gear. Due to this unique feel and look, it’s definitely one of the most original titles DC has put out in a long time and really deserves your attention.

Besides that, the writing is pretty solid. The pacing is good, outside of some moments where it really gets dialogue and exposition heavy. Speaking of which, the dialogue is fine and there are some good lines in there to be sure. While there wasn’t much growth or development with Cameron, G.I. is getting some instead, along with some rather interesting backstory (which I hope is followed up on in the future). The villain here, if I had to put it lightly, is an extremely far right-wing individual, a sort of caricature of those kinds of people. It’s not particularly deep, but he does at least have some background to him so he isn’t a blank slate.

I still have some problems with the art, but overall it’s fine work. The characters seem to vary in quality, either looking fine or rather creepy (it varies the closer the character is zoomed in on). The layouts are fine, but average looking with nothing particularly creative happening. Sometimes there are decent looking backgrounds in the panels, but sometimes there are these boring and empty white voids as well that look ugly in comparison to everything else we’ve seen. It does though convey a decent mood and tone, the coloring is nice and fits with the tone the book is going for, and the action does look nice. Problematic, sure, but still decent artwork.

Is It Good?

Star Spangled War Stories Featuring GI Zombie #2 is a solid followup to the previous issue, and really shows a lot more promise. The story is really picking up, the background and characterization being revealed for G.I. Zombie is interesting, the writing is good, and the artwork does fit the tone of the book well. It needs some more work, but I’m really getting into this and I am looking forward to the next issue more than ever.

Is It Good? Star Spangled War Stories Featuring GI Zombie #2 Review
The story is interesting and enjoyable.The writing is solid and the book feels fresh.Artwork does fit well with the book.
Not a particularly deep villain.Artwork has some quirks.
8.5Overall Score
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