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Is It Good? Tech Jacket #3 Review

If you want young adult fun with plenty of science fiction fun you’ve come to the right place, but is it good?

Tech Jacket #3 (Image Comics)

Tech Jacket has grown on me. I wasn’t so sure when I learned it wasn’t originally written for adults, but I’ve quickly found the gore and themes are right up there for everyone. Last issue our protagonist went into deep space to save his girlfriend, ran into a spaceship that ended up being a giant alien and was properly eaten. Ew. He’s now in its gut and he’s facing a bad guy who’s wearing a suit similar to his.

I think every kid worries about this. I did.

Writer Joe Keatinge continues to write a very light yet fun story here. The was character seemingly killed last issue, with a large hole shot through his chest, but no, he’s still going. This issue focuses on him fighting the similarly-suited alien, and him realizing what he really is which is a pretty neat twist. It’s a clever bit of writing that’ll make you smirk at the very least and brings a bit of meaning to the overall predicament the protagonist is in. On top of that the hero’s parents worry on Earth, which helps ground the character as human. I do think it’s odd that no explanation is given to why the protagonist is even still alive—although he does look a bit zombie like, but is he dead?

Essentially this issue is one big fight sequence with a check-in with the President of the United States and a check-in with the parents. Again, this is light reading, but it’s entertaining stuff regardless.

Is he a zombie?

The art by Khary Randolph continues to excel in that cartoony-yet-detailed look. The color probably has more to do with the cartoony feel for the pages, but the gore and violence is anything but cartoony. The bad guy in this is pretty grotesque with his veiny tentacle arm which helps set the stage for the stakes. Randolph’s Obama isn’t bad either and he gives all the human characters appropriate facial expressions that are easy to read.


Is It Good?

Tech Jacket continues to be a strong comic that’s a bit fluffy, but always entertaining.


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