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Is It Good? God Hates Astronauts #1 Review

Warning: adult content. The following comic includes, but is certainly not limited to: drunken profanity from a ghost cow-headed star commander, redneck cult farmers being happily torn apart by bears, and galactic war caused by a questionable anthropomorphic love affair. This is certainly one of the most raunchy and truly random pieces of literature you have ever encountered…and you’ll love every second of it.

God Hates Astronauts #1 (Image Comics)

This sums up this issue nicely.

I’m not accusing or judging when I say this, but I have a strong feeling this story was born from late night, drug-induced conversations. From the very first page it reads like an improv performance, listing out the writers and artists with clever and entertaining nicknames and once you hit the storyline there’s no turning back. I was planning on reading it last night and was just going to take a look at the first few pages. Twenty minutes later I set it down. That’s a lie; it was a digital copy. The point is the comic is addicting because each page has the potential for pretty much anything imaginable. Humanoid figures with whole crabs as heads? Got it. A man not fazed by a headshot? It’s in there. Beastiality? Yeah…we won’t talk about that as much.

This comic is an endless stream of comedic consciousness and certainly pushes the limits, which is why it’s for mature audiences only. However, for those of you who possess a mature body and an immature mind, this comic’s directed at you! The storyline, while truly bizarre, is easy to follow and even provides a guide known as 3-D cowboy to assist you with the backstory (this stuff is golden, it really is). Basically a bunch of cowboys are attempting to go to the moon seeking sexual freedom. Unfortunately, they accidently collided with an alien race and now NASA, composed of that Ghost Cow I previously mentioned, some uniformed bears, and an entity known as The Impossible, must put an end to their space voyage to avoid an intergalactic incident.

Is It Good?

This is a must have for those who enjoy farcical comedy in their comics. This issue is chock-full of wit and features gags that will go over some heads, but will surely be valued by others (at one point they reference the TV edited version of Die Hard 2. This is just asking for a cult following). The art is hilarious and you can find yourself studying the background intently for vulgar sound effects or a bear flipping the bird. Whether or not drugs were used in the making of this issue, by the time you finish it you’ll feel like you’re on something yourself. Just smile and thank Ryan “What do you mean it’s not butter” Browne for the trip.


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