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Is It Good? Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 Review

The year is 2219. The Ship: The Geryon. The mission: Salvage a vessel on the surface of the barren moon LV-223. Well, supposedly barren. Whether you’re a fan of the motion picture or new to this storyline, you’ll want to see what happens when this space voyage takes an unfortunate turn.

Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1

I personally have never seen the movies so my immediate concern was that I’d be coming late to the party and be the awkward kid standing in the corner, not knowing anyone and just playing Snake on my phone all night counting the seconds until my mom could pick me up…(middle school can be a traumatizing time). Luckily this wasn’t the case for the first issue of this four part series. Like a good host, Tobin gives us a tour of the ship and introduces all the main players and their role on this voyage. We learn that not everyone is as forthcoming as the crew believes, whether it’s the health of an individual or the point of the entire mission itself! (Bum-Bum-Bummm!) The first half of the issue takes place on the ship where you get a peek at the characters, their secrets, and a couple laughs the crew shares before they’re tossed into a death trap.

Have you never seen Scooby Doo? You don’t split up to look at the goo puddle and death field!

The next half is the exploration of said death trap, LV-223, where they discover the desert landscape features not only jungle, but life. They continue to explore and futz with the natural habitat until they come across the thing that will surely bring chaos and havoc into their lives throughout the next three issues. This issue also features Ferreyra’s impressive artwork. Each astronaut is unique and can easily be recognized even within their space suit and helmet. The panels are very detailed and I can’t wait to see what he’s capable of when it comes to the alien action scenes later in this series.

Is It Good?

This issue serves as the calm before the storm and ends with danger knocking at the door, almost quite literally. Most of you are probably getting this series because you enjoy high-stress, sci-fi horror, but you won’t be getting much in this issue. However, everything has now been set into place and from here on out we can sit back, relax, and wait for the floodgates to open.


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