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Is It Good? The Squidder #3 Review

Issue three of the big bad squiddies from space, and the large Conan-esque bio-engineered soldier who is our only hope. Let’s crawl up, and see if it’s bueno.

The Squidder #3 (IDW Publishing)

The beginning of this issue really got to me. We are in a plague camp, and The Squidder is with his now dead wife (it’s a flashback). Squidder’s wife is dying of the plague, holding what I’m assuming is their dead son in her arms. And she knows she is going to change soon from the plague. And she is angry with The Squidder for not getting sick. She calls him a “bastard.” But, then, she begs him to kill her, before the plague takes her. And The Squidder shoots Fiona, his wife, in the head, and says “At the end she never said she loved me.” The mark of good dialogue is that, when taken completely out of context, it can still be evocative and poetic. Much of the rest of the writing is good, but in the ways you would expect; dialogue dealing with the giant f-----g squids who wish to drink the planet dry like it was a delicious martini made just for cephalopods.

One of the major problems I had with this issue was the sketched-out pencil style. Well, let me show you a picture, it is after all worth a thousand of my meandering words.


Now, yes, it’s his leg, I figured that out, but this is my point. When you’re zooming through and the image isn’t isolated…honestly, I thought he had a comically large erection for a bit. The pencil fill-in makes it somewhat harder to discern angles. Templesmith has never been great with legs (he’s terrible at feet, but nobody’s perfect) but this pencil fill-in… just not a fan of the aesthetic effect.

However, the rest of the art style and the wonderful use of color in the background more than makes up for my minor qualms with a pencil sketch-in style that is occasionally used. I’m just a nit-picky bastard, and really, that’s why I review s--t and you don’t, so just deal with the s----y things I complain about. Just shut up and take it.
Uh, but yeah, overall the art style is still as wonderful and unique as always.

Is It Good?

Quite good. Minor bitchery relating to the pencil sketch-in style, but overall it’s visually enoyable, dark, gritty, space-squid fighting action. Oh, and The Squidder does the do. Go pick it up, but please, start from issue 1. This is not a book to start three issues in, people.


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