Charles Soule will be working for Marvel exclusively next year. As such, his work with DC will be coming to a close. That means his time with Red Lanterns and more importantly, Swamp Thing, is coming to an end.

This is rather sad to me, but let’s not get emotional. Let’s focus on the fun we have left. Like this Futures End tie-in he wrote! Is it good?

Swamp Thing: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)


Five years into the future, Swamp Thing is venturing out to all of the special Kingdoms, from Red to Metal. He is on a quest where he’ll need much of his friends’ help to succeed. The chances are slim that he won’t come back, but it is a risk worth taking.

No plant has time for women in bikinis anymore! What has this world come to!?

While Swamp Thing: Futures End #1 doesn’t have much to do with Futures End itself (basically the only thing is that the comic is set five years in the future), it features a fantastic, engaging, and really enjoyable story. The narration alone sets it up as an epic journey (and impending battle) for Swamp Thing as he visits the different kingdoms to gain their support. The big climax feels epic because of all of the build-up and ends on a very powerful, almost sad moment. We do not learn what happens, but in a way, that’s fine since you are so satisfied by the experience you had.

Soule’s writing is on point here. Nothing about the story feels rushed despite doing quite a bit, the story is very easy to follow but still has a lot of world building and characterization to it (as such, the comic feels very fleshed out and fully realized), the dialogue and narration are fantastic and engaging, and the emotion is powerful. While the comic doesn’t explain some details (like what the deal is with the photo or how Swamp Thing knows the avatar of the Divided), it doesn’t really matter or affect the story ultimately.

I always thought the Avatar of Metal would have longer hair.

There are only one minor problem with the story. It’s during the climax and Swamp Thing reveals his secret weapon for fighting his foe, a White Lantern Ring. While that is pretty neat throwback to Brightest Day with it how it connects to the character (I also like how this issue connects back to Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing as well), it’s not really explained all that well as being the “thing” that wins the day. It’s not as bad as say what happened in the Earth 2 issue, since the White Lantern Ring was a big plot point, but those unfamiliar will be a tad lost on this twist . But that’s a nitpick and if that’s the only thing really wrong with the story and writing, all is forgiven.

Jesus Saiz returns with drawing this issue and his artwork looks fantastic. The design and look of all the Kingdoms and their avatars are fantastic, with plenty of detail and polish put into everything. The story flows incredibly well from page to page with solid layouts and structure. Combined with some gorgeous coloring from Matthew Wilson, the comic has an excellent atmosphere and feel.

This looks rather icky looking honestly.

Is It Good?

Swamp Thing: Futures End #1 is a truly fantastic and memorable experience. It tells an engaging and epic tale that pulls you in and won’t let go, has some terrific writing and twists, and moves you emotionally. Combined with some of the best artwork this comic has to offer, this is a Futures End tie-in you won’t want to miss at all.

Is It Good? Swamp Thing: Futures End #1
Excellent, epic-feeling storyTerrific writing by SouleBeautiful artwork by Jesus Saiz
A few minor nitpicks
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 9 Votes