To say writer Scott Snyder has done nothing with Batman would be a fallacy. The guy has written some iconic stories and if you ask most fans he’s taken up the torch Grant Morrison left behind and made it even brighter. That means there’s probably more hopes for his Batman: Futures End story than any other title, so is it good?

Batman: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)

As with all of the Futures End stories, it is set five years in the future, and Batman is currently observing his bat family with a broken back and a will to continue his legacy. The issue opens with Bruce and Alfred discussing his body and Alfred insisting he retire already. For the most part this issue is sort of like a Mission: Impossible episode, as Batman must infiltrate a Lexcorp lab that’s riddled with booby traps. Of course Batman has a new suit that can take on every single thing Lex has thought up to beat enemies into submission, but it’s what he finds that gives him the most trouble.

Shut up Alfred, haven’t you learned Batman can’t listen to reason?!

This issue works, mostly because the art is so gritty and the color so eye catching. Snyder only contributed the story, as Ray Fawkes writes the script and does a good job explaining where we’re at with Bruce’s mindset and his customary attitude is still present as he deals with a smug Lex hologram in the lab. It’s also fun to see all the tricks he has with his suit. It of course gets a little wordy, as all Fawkes scripts do, to explain heavy bits of info for the reader, but the number of obstacles are so great it’s not much of a bother to the pace. Ultimately the final page might piss off some fans as Batman’s choice is quite dark and not very heroic. The once altruistic and and honorable Batman seems to be gone.

The art by Aco is quite good and reminds me of Frank Miller’s work on Dark Knight Returns. It’s fitting considering how beat up Bruce is in this book. The detail is greater however, and it’s obvious Aco’s strength is robots and tech, which is probably why faces and such are so gritty. The color by FCO Plascencia makes Aco’s work pop and when combined it’s as if we’re viewing panels of graffiti. All in all it helps distinguish this series as something that’s grounded.

Because ignoring physics!

Is It Good?

A good ride in this Mission: Impossible style sequence that has a disturbing twist ending that’ll make readers itching for the next issue.

Is It Good? Batman: Futures End #1 Review
Gritty art with great pop thanks to the colorCool Mission: Impossible vibe
Not exactly sure why Bruce is making these choices
8.5Overall Score
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