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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #11 Review

The newest issue of Coffin Hill sees witch hunters closing in on our protagonists Bianca and Lacey. Is it good?

Coffin Hill #11 (Vertigo Comics)


We witness a flashback with Eve Coffin collecting evidence that may connect a police officer to the Ice Fisher murders. It may be a stretch at this point, but Eve could be onto something. Meanwhile, back in the present, the two remaining witches in Coffin Hill, Lacey and Bianca, are getting into some real trouble…

What a sweet, old lady. She must be knitting something.

Like in the previous issues, there are a lot of things happening here. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t do as well of a job as it could with balancing everything. There are certainly some interesting developments in here that I do like (hey, we may have an actual big villain in this comic again), but some stories feel like they are dragging their feet; the story with Lacey for instance, barely feels like it has any momentum behind it. It also still feels like the series has a screwy timeline in regards to when events are happening in the present. I don’t doubt this comic will be able to turn around, but I really hope it does soon, since there are so many areas where it excels.

In that regard, let’s discuss the good here with Caitlin Kittredge’s writing. The characterization is still fairly strong and well-written; some of the twists and turns in the issue are very good and really make me interested in seeing what comes next in the story. The dialogue is also strong, with nothing sounding or awkward this time around. Probably the best plus is that there was a boost in the horror element to this comic, with more creepy and shocking moments (like the opening scene for instance). It’s still not at the level of the previous arc, but it’s a step in the right direction that I hope to see more of.

I believe you are going about this the wrong way sir.

The artwork by Inaki Miranda remains solid. The characters look great (again though with the occasional odd expression; also at one point someone has no eye unintentionally) and the new villains have an interesting, creepy design. The layouts are pretty good and flow well most of the time, with some strong nice imagery. Horror-wise, Miranda’s artwork features some fantastically creepy images. Finally, the coloring remains really well done and makes a lot of the visuals pop.

Is It Good?

Coffin Hill #11 took a bit of a step back with some of the choices it made in the storytelling here. The comic needs to work on balancing all of its stories and giving them time to progress instead of barely moving at points. Still, the story is very engaging and creepy, features some neat twists and turns and still maintains some great looking art. The issue may have had some problems, but luckily there is still enough value and substance to be found so that it doesn’t sink.


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