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Is It Good? Velvet #7 Review

*Nick releases Jordan Richards’ unconscious body from a choke hold, allowing it to fall lifelessly to the floor with a thud.*

Hey everyone. Jordan usually reviews Velvet, but he asked me to fill in for him this week… no seriously, he did. I was just forcibly helping him with some sleep issues.

He should be out for a good 2-3 hours as long as he keeps breathing, so let’s dive into Velvet #7 and answer the question we always ask here on AiPT: How long has that rash been there?

Errr…sorry. What I mean to say was: Is it good?

Velvet #7 (Image Comics)


Remember that awesome cliffhanger from the last issue? Well get ready to NOT have that be resolved! But don’t worry… this month’s issue gives us the story from Colt and Roberts’ pursuit of Ms. Templeton as she masterfully leads them in a very lopsided game of cat and mouse.

By the issue’s end, we’re a little bit further along than where the last one ended, courtesy of a very cool/chilling final splash page. We’ve also gotten to see what it’s like to be on the receiving of Velvet’s skills as a spy who can throw a trail with impressive ease and resourcefulness.

Is It Good?

One of the best things about this series is the main character. I know, I know… that’s some pretty John Madden-esque analysis, but in this case, the depiction of Velvet Templeton really is a revelation.

She’s not just a porn star with martial arts moves or an action hero bro with boobs. This is a battle worn and testing warrior who is also a real woman. We’ve seen Velvet at her most vulnerable and her highest level of badassery. Every calculated move, every second guessing moment, every flash of betrayal fueled rage has been masterfully crafted by Ed Brubaker to give us one of the best individual characters in comics right now. As far as fictional depictions of woman in genre literature/fiction, Velvet Templeton has reached Ellen Ripley in Aliens-level greatness.


I say all this because Velvet #7 is VERY Velvetless.

That doesn’t make it a bad issue, though. Getting to see what the receiving end of Velvet’s awesomeness feels like was a very cool perspective. But by issue’s end, I was jonesing twice as hard as I had been at the start to see what Ms. Templeton was going to do next… which may very well have been the entire point of doing a chapter of the current arc like this.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to get inside the heads of these poor saps who’d been tasked with tracking down a target they’d severely underestimated. These men aren’t just Archer-esque spybro buffoons. Colt and Roberts are plenty formidable themselves… just not nearly as awesome as Velvet… who I’d been breathlessly waiting to see since the last issue’s conclusion.

But this one still manages to be a smart, fun, and exciting read, all of which is gorgeously rendered by Steve Epting. Definitely not my favorite issue of the series, but still a damn good one.


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