Oh how I’ve loved this tie-in, but damn did it bring it down a notch last issue. Tidings of the quality of this final issue or a simple hiccup? Is it good?

Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #3 (Valiant Entertainment)

So Bloodshot was manning the wall, AKA a military base, when an Armor Hunter entered to take out an X-O suit-wearing Malgam. Bloodshot did his job, but of course Malgam got loose so now he needs to track down this alien to ensure the once American captive is back behind bars. Why he needs to be imprisoned beyond testing is beyond me, but heck, it sets up a nice action sequence so why not?

Cool lighting.

Joe Harris doesn’t necessarily let me down in this issue, as his writing is well paced and the dialogue is fine, but he tries to bring back the Bloodshot flashbacks he introduced in the first issue and it doesn’t quite work. Possibly because he stopped using them last issue and they make a sudden reappearance here, or maybe because I’m not sure why they matter in regards to stopping Malgam. They worked to bring Bloodshot down onto a human level in the first issue, but here they seem to be there just to show us that Bloodshot can appear to be down for the count but can get back up. Considering that’s basically his M.O. it’s not such a surprise.

Malgam and Bloodshot fight for a good 5 pages, but then it all comes to a surprisingly blasé conclusion. I won’t ruin it here, but we’ve seen this from Bloodshot before, even if it’s pretty badass. Malgam does pull off a neat trick at one point, but really this issue seems more focused on having a cool action sequence and tying loose ends rather than telling an interesting story like the first issue did.

The art by Trevor Hairsine continues to be very nice and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this guy on a Big Two book soon. It’s interesting to see artists like Trevor because you can see their work evolving from issue to issue. Established artists have their thing and have spent years locking it down, so I enjoy watching certain elements change with Hairsine’s style; he also gives off a Walt Simonson vibe, which I dig.

Nice power.

Is It Good?

It concludes the story, offers up a fun action sequence and looks fabulous. As far as tie-in’s go, I’ll take it!

Is It Good? Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #3 Review
Looks great, keep an eye on out for Trevor Hairsine It concludes and ties things up
It ends where we started...blahStory doesn't live up to the first issue promisesCover is misleading
7Overall Score
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