The Armor Hunters story is coming to an end as do all summer events this time of year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some bangorang tie-ins to wrap it up; how about this one, is it good?

Unity #11 (Valiant Entertainment)

The Eternal Warrior and Ninjak have been the stars of this series (even though technically it’s a team book) and for the most part it’s added a bit more to the side missions going on outside the main event.

Namely, we’ve seen these two take on alien dogs and other threats while the big bad gets taken out elsewhere, which has allowed for a bit of a ground level sort of look at the effects the Armor Hunters have had on Earth and some extended action sequences. This issue is no different, as we get to see the two heroes take on some flying alien orbs.

These flashbacks…

Writer Matt Kindt does things a little differently here though, as we get to see some flashbacks that reveal the planning Ninjak puts into getting one of his wonderful toys into the field — namely a weaponized virus that can take out machines; pretty cool stuff, and it’s revealed in such a way that it really built up anticipation towards the weapon being used. Once it is, there’s a nice montage of the panels we’ve seen before to go alongside the unveiling. I can’t say the effects matter much though mostly because you can easily guess what the outcome of using the weapon is. Either way, it’s a nice storytelling mechanism I haven’t seen before.

…add up…

Sadly Eternal Warrior continues to be underutilized and in this issue spends a lot of the time pouting over how he’s not running the show. How this will change his relationship with Ninjak, if at all, remains to be seen, but ultimately it’s a bit of a throwaway moment that is there simply to give him something to do. All in all that’s what this series has been all about during the Armor Hunters storyline, giving these two something to do, because their actions don’t change anything. By issue’s end they’ve neutralized some threats, but really we’re back to where we started.

The art by Stephen Segovia continues to evoke a favorable blockbuster vibe. It’s not as dynamic and jaw dropping as the cosmic scenes in the last issue, but the flashback works really well and tells a strong story. Oddly enough, Segovia seems to have gotten more detailed in this issue over the last, but maybe that’s to serve the more human side of things? He gives the flashback panels a bit of a different look, almost cartoony, which helps separate it from the much more heavily inked current timeline stuff. It’s subtle, but noticeable and it helps the story that much more.

…for a payoff!

Is It Good?

This series continues to do great things on its own apart from the main event, even though it’s ultimately not a must read for completists.

Is It Good? Unity #11 Review
Art is strong with a slightly different look to the flashback scenes that's ever so appreciatedCool flashback montage idea in here
By issues end we're back where we started
8.5Overall Score
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