It’s Manifest Destiny time, folks! Last time, things had been getting increasingly icky with these new killer bugs and it appears like it’ll be continuing with this issue as well. Is it good?

Manifest Destiny #10 (Image Comics)

So the situation has gone from bad to worse as these huge mosquito type bugs fly out of some of the expedition members and attack. After a bit of effort, they captured the bugs and send them over to Lewis on the boat, along with some interesting flower samples, to see if he can figure out something. Hopefully he does and fast, because their trouble isn’t going to end anytime soon.

I don’t trust your surgical skills! Let’s get a second opinion.

Like the previous issue, this feels slower paced and doesn’t have a lot going on in it. It advances a few storylines, but not by much. It feels like we are building and setting up a climax for later down the line, since this issue definitely feels like setup. It’s moving characters to certain places, introducing new elements and ideas, and setting up certain plot points for a big climax. While the issue itself is very necessary, it can feel like it’s dragging in certain parts because of that. Hopefully the next issue really picks things up.

Now that’s not to say I disliked the issue or anything. I did enjoy myself while I read the comic and still found it fairly engaging. The dialogue is still good, there are some solid character moments that actually develop some of the characters or give them a moment to shine (especially loved the one Sacagawea had here), and the story flows nicely. Heck, while the issue is still mostly setup, it is fairly engaging and makes you wonder where exactly this will be going. I’m still excited and interested, even if the comic isn’t moving much.

The artwork is still pretty solid, as we’ve come to expect this series to have. The characters look good, the layouts are decent, the coloring is gorgeous, the designs and imagery are great, and it does creepy and disgusting very well. For instance, the full page of Clark testing out his insecticide on a bug looks incredible; so well detailed and very memorable. This is the kind of example that really shows why this book has some most underrated artwork of any of the Image books out there.

Is It Good?

Manifest Destiny #10 is a slow moving issue, taking its time more to set things up for big climax and conclusion to the arc later down the line. While by no means bad, since the writing is still solid and the artwork is gorgeous like always, it does make the issue feel like it’s dragging a bit. Still good regardless, though hopefully the next issue kicks the pacing up a notch.

Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #10 Review
The writing is very good and fairly engaging.The artwork is fantastic like usual.
Mostly just setup.Still very slow going with the plot.
8Overall Score
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