It’s been a while since we last checked in on Shutter, so let’s change that. This is the final issue of the first arc (or at least the last issue in the first trade), so it’s now or waiting until December to return to check it out. Let’s see what we got. Is it good?

Shutter #6 (Image Comics)

Kate Kristopher has taken her younger brother, Chris, from General and they are on the run from their family while also hoping to find some answers. However, while they run, there may be in some trouble as Exland, a bounty hunter/killer Jackal, is given the orders to bring them in. Does this sibling team have what it takes to escape?

I’m with this Mohawk jackal, she clearly doesn’t look into that whole “Take them alive” sort of deal.

And thus the arc ends now and honestly, in comparison to the previous issues, this was just alright. It didn’t really have any big surprises to it, we didn’t learn anything new, and we didn’t have any strong character development or growth here besides one moment (a very good one, to be fair). Sure, there’s some solid action and it’s a good climax to end it off on for now, but like I said, it felt lacking after all the previous issues we got.

Besides that, the writing on the book was still solid as ever. The pacing is good and the story flows well from scene to scene, keeping you engaged. The dialogue is fine, with some decent lines here or there. While there wasn’t much in way of the character growth or any new levels added to them (besides one impressive moment for Kate that demonstrated her intelligence), everyone still felt in character and believable… with one exception. It’s Exland and her “genius” plan in the middle for a murder-suicide to cover her and her partner’s tracks. She states that she didn’t want any witnesses, but it would have been so much easier to not commit triple homicide instead, leaving tons of DNA and evidence all over the place. But besides that, the ending left off on a solid cliffhanger that should keep people interested in where this comic goes in the future.

Ah! Your family were big Second Amendment fans then!

What wasn’t lacking is the artwork. This book still boasts some beautiful looking artwork, from its imaginative designs to the amount of detail put into every little part of the book. The characters look great and vivid, the layouts are easy to follow, the coloring is wonderful, and the imagery in the book is fantastic and memorable. That last double page spread in the book just really sums up everything great about the artwork this series has. I look forward to see the return of it later this year.

Is It Good?

Shutter #6 is a fine way to end the first arc, though it’s missing a few things that previous issues had that could have made it great. It needs some more surprises, some more character growth and such to really leave the audience on a more memorable note. Regardless, the writing is still pretty good and the artwork is just amazing. We won’t be seeing the book again until December, but I look forward to what we’ll be happening next.

Is It Good? Shutter #6 Review
Solid writing and great cliffhanger.The artwork is beautiful and striking at points.
It felt lacking in the story in comparison to previous issues.Character work wasn’t as strong.
8Overall Score
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