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Is It Good? Deep Gravity #3 Review

Stuck on a crumpled ship recently blown up with only a handful of crew left and a whole lot of alien monsters, one might think your chances are slim to none. And they are; witness the crew as they try to keep themselves alive. Is it good?

Deep Gravity #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

This is a high concept science fiction story that’s got a lot of elements revolving around one another, but it’s keeping itself rather contained with the survival storyline going on in this issue and last. Humans have been traveling to a distant planet, and one man joins a crew to meet up with the girl he loves who recently finished her three year stint on the foreign planet. The crazy part is he had to sit on a ship for three years just to get a few hours to talk to her. Lucky him, or maybe not, an explosion made the ship inoperable and it all happened with many alien creatures being stowed away for travel back to Earth. Last issue focused on the crew as they tried to stay alive and this issue is more of the same, but it does hold clues as to who or what blew up the ship, and it has 90% more monsters!

Things are dire.

I’d love to see writers Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko and Mike Richardson write an Alien movie. From their work on Star Wars: Legacy and now this, you can tell they understand character and pace. If you have that, you’re solid, because so many comics rely on visuals or action sequences, but they don’t. All of the characters seem real in this story, from the protagonists to the supporting cast. It’s important for a comic like this since the characters are all that’s driving things forward. There are however, a lot of threats and danger to be had. How about an airlock escape from a tentacle monster that actually chases them into the vacuum of space?! Cool stuff, and when things get really dramatic it’s between the culprit of destroying the ship and everyone else. Good stuff.

I am however a bit disappointed we haven’t seen more from the characters on the surface of the planet. The first issue made a lot of noise about those characters, yet they are barely shown in this and the last issue. A bit of cutting back and forth is all it takes, but I suspect this is being written in long form, so the single issue format isn’t catering to those reading each month. As a collection, this will read much more clearly. There is a brief scene, but it doesn’t show us anything we couldn’t gather from the brief scene last issue.

Artist Fernando Baldó does a good job on this issue. The guy draws a mean monster and the one shown in this issue is very demonic looking. It’s a cool concept to throw a bunch of aliens on a ship that have no right being on a ship. They are all being brought back for study, so to see Baldó’s work on them as they try to maim and kill the humans is great fun. He also does a top notch job keeping the vacuum escape clear and understandable. Pointy objects are focused on right before they pierce, objects fly into characters as they try desperately to stay straight towards the door and it all goes a long way creating tension and anticipation.

Get a squeegee, it’s gonna get messy.

Is It Good?

While the last issue set this up, this issue delivers action, suspense and plot progression. Good stuff, especially for those sci-fi fans out there.


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